What is The Great Chicken War on TikTok As It Goes Viral On Social Media

Learn what is the great chicken war on TikTok and its origin as the hilarious TikTok trend has taken over the video-sharing platform. People are finding the trend very funny and are creating their own army of chickens to take part in the great chicken war. The trend is making people laugh because it is one of the humorous trends of recent times.

TikTok is a platform where you will find all kinds of challenges and trends that go viral from time to time. But most of the time, the trends create controversies as people do stupid things to get some fame and accumulate views. But it is not the case with the TikTok great chicken war trend as it is purely based on humor.

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What is The Great Chicken War on TikTok

The Great Chicken War on TikTok originally comes from a video made by a user called Dylan Bezjack. In the video he shared, he was walking followed by an army of chickens and he says “You better watch out there, pal. Me and my posse are on our way to kick some a*s and take some names here.” In no time the video went viral on TikTok and some other social platforms setting a trend for others to follow.

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The ‘chicken war’ trend on TikTok is about people making videos of the chickens they have raised and pretending they’re getting ready for a fight. In a fun and harmless way, people who own chickens are proudly showing off their chicken’s fighting skills, but only in a virtual way. It’s like a friendly competition among chicken enthusiasts.

TikTok became flooded with videos of chickens and their owners from different places in the country. In each video, the owners proudly showcase their preparations for an epic battle, but it’s all just for fun and won’t actually happen in real life. The trend is popular with #greatchickenwar and #chickenwar.

Like with any trend involving animals and how they’re treated, there are people who doubt or question the Chicken War trend. They have concerns about the well-being of the chickens involved or how they’re being treated throughout the process. But the trend is absolutely safe for the chickens because it’s only for content creation purposes without harming the animal not for an actual war.

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People Are Loving the Great Chicken War on TikTok

The people who have watched the chicken war videos are enjoying the trend and some of them even want to have their own chicken army. The original video of chicken war created by Dylan Bezjack earned over 1.4 million views and 350,000 likes. The video was also shared on other social platforms such as Twitter where the users seemed to love the trend.


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One user tweeted “TikTok is a magical place. Don’t believe me? Check out the Chicken Wars.” Another user commented, “The Great Chicken Wars 2023 on Tiktok is getting spicy, and I’m here for it.” A user named Na-Toya tweeted “I need 50-100 chickens so we can enter the TikTok chicken war ASAP”.

Another user named Momma Bear wanted her own chicken army “Been watching the chicken war on TikTok and now I want my own chicken army 😬🐓, Gotta figure a way to convince Marc to build me a chicken coop”.

The majority of people have loved the wholesome content they have seen with chickens involved. A Twitter user named Dani shared the Dylan Bezjack TikTok video and captioned it “This is the best thing I’ve seen this week so far! 😂 I’m so invested on The Chicken War of 2023✨”.

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So, what is the great chicken war on TikTok, and why it is going viral on social media should not be an unknown thing as we have explained the trend and provided all the key information. No doubt it is one of the funniest trends that has gone viral in recent times.

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