What is the Height Comparison Tool on TikTok As the Comparing Heights has Become a Trend, How to Use It

A new obsession with comparing height to celebrities using the Height Comparison Tool has taken over the TikTok app. The users are sharing different height comparisons as it has become the latest trend to go viral. Learn what is the height comparison tool on TikTok in detail and get to know how to use the tool.

The video-sharing platform TikTok has been home to some unique trends that have captured the limelight on social media ever since the platform has been introduced. A few days ago, the Grimace Shake Meme trend made people do some funny things which got popular across social platforms.

Now the latest trend is about checking someone’s height and comparing it with their idol celebrity’s height to visualize how they will look if stand next to them. The trend has a massive number of videos already with thousands of views and likes.

What is the Height Comparison Tool on TikTok

The TikTok height comparison trend has currently captured the attention of the audience this time. The Hikaku Sitatter height tool has been used by users to measure heights. It’s a website that gives this service measuring and comparing heights.

The TikTok community is really interested in this website that helps them compare their height with others. People find it fascinating to see how they measure up against different individuals and they enjoy sharing their findings with everyone on TikTok.

Screenshot of What is the Height Comparison Tool on TikTok

A TikTok user used the website to check how tall they were compared to their parents from the time they were born. They got nearly 30 thousand likes for it and the comments were full of people who were amazed at how much they had grown over the years.

Another TikTok user, whose video has gotten more than 30 thousand views expressed their surprise saying, “Did anyone else not know about this website where you can compare your height with others?” They also shared their excitement, saying, “I’ve always been curious about how people’s heights differ, so this website is satisfying my curiosity. Now that I know it exists, I’ll definitely be using it in the future.”

Besides comparing people’s heights to each other, you can also compare people’s heights to the sizes of objects. For example, you can find out how tall you or someone you know would appear next to a futon or a vending machine.

How to Use The Height Comparison Tool

How to Use The Height Comparison Tool

If you don’t know how to use the height comparison tool known as the Hikaku Sitatter, just follow the instructions given below to utilize the tool.

  • To begin with, just head over to the Hikaku Sitatter website
  • On the homepage, find the search bar and enter the names of the stars you want to compare your height with
  • Then choose the gender of the selected personality and provide the necessary details asked by the tool by selecting the options
  • Once you have given all the details about the personality you have picked, just click/tap the Compare button to generate the height chart
  • Now the height chart will be displayed on your screen
  • If you like the results just take a screenshot to share it with your friends on social media
  • Note that the website lets you add up to ten individuals for comparison. So, you can do 10 comparisons at once and post them by taking screenshot.

That is how you can easily use the height comparison tool using the Hikaku Sitatter website and be part of the viral TikTok trend.

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Final Words

As promised at the start of the post, we have described what is the height comparison tool on TikTok and explained how to use the tool to create a height comparison chart. That’s all we have for this one as for now we sign off.

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