What is the Knife Rule on TikTok Meaning, History, Reactions

TikTok is a social platform where anything can go viral like slang, superstitions, terms, and much more. The newest term which is catching the attention of users on this platform is Knife Rule. So, we will explain what is the Knife Rule on TikTok and tell you what is its meaning.

The video-sharing platform TikTok and Gen Z is known for making terms & phrases viral on social media. Every month there is something new to follow for people on this platform. It is hard to be aware of everything going on these days.

Superstitions are part of human life and people pay a lot of attention to these things. The knife rule TikTok trend is also based on an old superstition that restricts a person from closing a pocketknife that someone else has opened. Here is everything you need to know about the term.

What is the Knife Rule on TikTok – Meaning & Background

The TikTok Knife Rule is a term representing superstition from a decade ago. It is a belief rooted in superstition that suggests that it is considered unlucky to shut a pocketknife that has been opened by someone else.

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This notion is believed to have originated from the potential harm that could be inflicted on the person who opened the knife if it were to be closed by another. To avoid any potential bad luck associated with closing a pocket knife that someone else has opened, it is advisable to present the knife to them in an open position.

This way, the recipient can open and use the knife as needed and return it in a closed position, with the blade safely tucked away. By following this practice, one can demonstrate respect for superstition while also ensuring the safe and proper handling of the knife.

A pocketknife also referred to as a jackknife, folding knife, or EDC knife is a type of knife that features one or more blades that can be folded neatly into the handle. This design makes the knife compact and easy to carry in a pocket, hence the name “pocketknife.”

The origin of the superstition surrounding the Knife Rule remains uncertain, but it has gained traction online since the 2010s. Recently, the belief has experienced a surge in popularity on the social media platform TikTok, with numerous users discussing and demonstrating the practice.

Knife Rule on TikTok – Views & Reactions

There are a lot of videos demonstrating this rule on TikTok in which the content creators are explaining this term. The knife rule TikTok videos have millions of views and the audience has mixed feeling about this old superstition.

The practice of showing the Knife Rule has gained widespread attention and popularity after a TikTok user by the name of Blaise McMahon shared a video clip about the superstition. The clip went viral, garnering more than 3.3 million views and sparking a trend of other TikTok users discussing and demonstrating the Knife Rule.

One of the users who commented on Blaise McMahon’s video said “The Real ones will know about this, if you open it, then you have to close it or it’s bad luck”. Another user who saw this video commented “she learned about the rule from her brother and now she will never open or close a knife if opened by someone else”.

Another user seems confused about this rule and said “o like, question … why would u [hand] someone a pocketknife open? That seems like a hazard to me”. After witnessing the popularity of this video many other content creators jumped and shared videos of their own.

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It’s not easy to keep up with the viral content on TikTok as it could be based on anything such as the knife rule. But surely you will understand what is the Knife Rule on TikTok after reading this post as we have explained the superstition-based term.  

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