What is the Lucky Girl Syndrome Trend On TikTok, Meaning, Science Behind The Trend

People have become obsessed with another trend on the video-sharing platform TikTok, especially females from around the world. Today we will explain what is the Lucky Girl Syndrome and the science behind this trend which many users feel positive about themselves.

TikTok is home to viral trends and every now and then it seems something new is making headlines. This time it’s a concept of being positive all the time and believing only good things will happen to you named “Lucky Girl Syndrome” is the talk of the town.

The concept emphasizes your potential for success in any situation. Motivating yourself and remaining optimistic can be achieved through it. Making decisions from a place of strength rather than fear is more likely to lead to good results. Even though there isn’t any scientific evidence backing it, social media users swear by the power of manifestation.

What is the Lucky Girl Syndrome

The Lucky Girl Syndrome TikTok trend has 75 million views on the platform and users are sharing the videos under the hashtag #luckygirlsyndrome. Some users have also shared their success stories of how this mantra helped them overcome challenges and be successful.

It is basically a manifestation technique that makes you believe you are the lucky one and nothing bad can happen to you. It depends on the power of positive thinking that can be vital to your success in life and keeps you happy all the time.

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Many well-known people have their say on this concept and called it life-changing. Don Grant M.A., M.F.A, D.A.C, SU.D.C.C. IV, Ph.D., a media psychologist specializing in technology’s impact on mental health says “Lucky girl syndrome appears to promote that just believing good things will happen will actually make them happen.”

Roxie Nafousi, self-development coach, and manifesting expert talking about this concept said “I can definitely see why repeating affirmations such as ‘I am so lucky’ would have a positive effect on your life.”

Lucky Girl Syndrome Mantra

Many TikTok users also say that this idea has assisted them a lot in being more positive in life and worked wonders for them. After seeing Lucky Girl Syndrome online, the 22-year-old from Derby decided to adopt the lifestyle after feeling negative about work.

Talking about the concept she says “At first I was like, I don’t know about this.” She adds “But the more I looked into it and figured out the meaning, which is believing that you’re the luckiest girl and you embody that and live that lifestyle, I realized it links a lot to manifestation.”

Laura Galebe, a 22-year-old TikTok content creator posted a video explaining her take on this concept and she says “There’s literally no better way to explain it than it feels like the odds are completely in my favor,” she then adds “I’m constantly saying great things are always happening to me unexpectedly.”

Galebe further added talking to the viewers “Just try to be as delusional as possible and believe that the things you want can come to you and then come back and tell me if it didn’t change your life.”


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Lucky Girl Syndrome Mantra

It is simply believing in yourself that you are fortunate and that everything will go well for you. Think that everything will turn out right for you, and you’ll be right. You are the beneficiary of a rigged universe. The luckiest person in the world is you.

The following are the lucky girl syndrome affirmations:

  • I’m so lucky,
  • I’m the luckiest person I know,
  • Everything works out in my favor,
  • The universe is always working in my favor
  • Other affirmations that can have a positive impact on your life and make you feel you are the special one

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What is the Lucky Girl Syndrome is no more an unknown thing to you as we have explained its meaning and what is the mantra behind this mesmerizing concept. That’s all for this one hopefully it will help you understand the idea and make applying it a lot easier. Do share your views on it using the comments option.

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