What is the Mr Clean Filter On TikTok, How to Use The Effect

Mr Clean filter is the latest TikTok trend to grab the spotlight on the platform. the filter has been used in over two million videos and the viewers have mixed reviews about it. Get to know what is the Mr Clean Filter on TikTok in detail and learn how to use the filter.

Some people are not happy with the use of this digital effect which uses AI to transform a person’s face into Mr clean who is a popular mascot. This NSFW (Not Safe for Work) digital effect is used by many content creators in humorous and funny videos.

Many TikTok users are upset because inappropriate content is still being seen on the app, even though people are getting more and more frustrated with it. Some users are sharing altered versions of the filters to show others how disturbing the content can be. So, why are they calling it inappropriate and what is all the fuss about here are all the insights you should know about this filter.

What is the Mr Clean Filter on TikTok & Why it Raised Concerns on the Platform

The TikTok Mr Clean filter has gained immense fame recently with many people trying it on. It is NSFW 777 Filter on TikTok also popular as Favorite Mr Clean filter. The filter on TikTok shows two pictures of Mr. Clean and users have to choose one by moving their heads left or right. The non-selected picture then turns into switches to Rule 34 p*rnography.

Screenshot of What is the Mr Clean Filter On TikTok

Nobody knows who is creating these filters on social media that show private pictures, but it seems like the platform is removing them because some users have said they are getting banned. The reactions on TikTok videos show how surprised and shocked users are when they discover inappropriate content in the filter.

The videos using this particular filter have been viewed millions of times and most of the users are using the hashtag #MyFavoriteMrClean to share their videos. The trend of using this digital effect has also received a huge backlash as well. The comments on these posts show people are angry with the kind of content used in this filter.

One user said “regret trying this filter. Why did I open this video.” Another commented “OMG no. I loved Mr. Clean as a kid. This ruined everything.” Also, a user suggested the platform has banned the filter “Look like it’s been banned. I can’t find it anymore. Glad TikTok removed it”.

How to Use Mr Clean Filter on TikTok

How to Use Mr Clean Filter on TikTok

If you want to create an appropriate Mr Clean filter content without including the adult content then follow the below instructions.

  • Start the TikTok app on your device
  • To make a new video, touch the “+” symbol at the bottom-left corner of the screen
  • To find this filter in the effects gallery, you can either swipe left or tap on the search bar at the top. Look for the “Mr. Clean” filter by typing it in the search bar.
  • Once you find it, just tap on it to apply the digital effect to your video
  • Now record a video and wait for the effect to be applied to your face
  • Then add other things if you want like music, text, etc
  • Finally, share the video by tapping the Post button available there

We recommend you not use the NSFW Mr Clean Filter which asks the user to nod their head towards one picture and then show some adult content on the non-selected picture as it is reviewed as inappropriate by many people. There are also talks of TikTok banning the content based on using that filter.

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Surely, you know got the answer to what is the Mr Clean Filter on TikTok as we have provided all information regarding the trend. Also, we have explained how to apply this Mr clean effect to the TikTok videos. That’s all for this one for now we say goodbye.

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