What Is The Super Ballon d’Or? Previous Winners, Voting System, Ceremony Date

Messi has achieved his ultimate dream of winning the FIFA World Cup after beating France in an epic clash last Sunday. For the majority of fans, the Greatest of all Time (GOAT) debate is now settled, and the Argentinian magician earned that by winning the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. There are talks of giving him a special prize known as the Super Ballon d’Or. Here you will get to know what is the Super Ballon d’Or and who has won it prior to Lionel Messi.

The magnificent Messi has now won all the trophies. He won the missing piece in his trophy cabinet defeating Kylian Mbappe’s France in a heart-pounding match. The match went to penalties after both teams scored three each in 120 minutes.

Messi scored twice and Mbappe scored a hattrick. Argentina converted all of their penalties to win the match and claim the biggest prize in football. Since then there are reports suggesting giving a unique award to the amazing Messi.

What Is The Super Ballon d’Or

The Super Ballon d’Or is a rare award given to a player who has been the best player of the last three decades. The prestigious award was previously awarded to the Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano. He was also an Argentinian who played for Real Madrid in Spain and had a glorious career.

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As a result of his efforts, Di Stefano won the prestigious Super Ballon d’Or award in 1989. He won the award through a vote conducted by France Football magazine, similar to the Ballon d’Or. He managed to beat legendary players from the 20th century, such as Michel Platini and Johan Cruyff.

It is like the Ballon d’Or which is given to the best player of the year and the ceremony is held every year. But the Super Ballon d’Or goes to the best player of the past three decades. Lionel Messi could be the second name on this list since it has only been awarded to one player so far.

This award will be the icing on the cake for Messi after his World Cup triumph and no one can argue that he doesn’t deserve it. He has already won the Ballon d’Or 7 times and it is almost impossible for any other player to achieve what he has achieved in his glorious career.

Super Ballon d’Or Worth and Ceremony Date

Super Ballon d’Or Worth and Ceremony Date

The Super Ballon d’Or is a unique recognition based on a voting system organized by the France Football magazine Just like the Ballon d’Or award. Its worth is still unknown as it has been held only once and the information regarding prize money will be announced once it is made official.

There is still no official announcement regarding the award ceremony as it has not been announced by France Football Magazine. Whenever the details regarding it are out, we will update you on it so do visit our Website regularly.

If it happens the prestigious award is going to be awarded to the Argentinian and PSG star Lionel Messi. He is on his way to being the most decorated player in football. He has won 42 trophies just one behind the Brazilian star Dani Alves who has 43 trophies.

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The difference between the two is massive as Lionel Messi has been the point of difference in most of the games and has broken a great number of records. His performance at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 earned him the title of Best Player of the Tournament.

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Final Words

As promised, you now know what is the Super Ballon d’Or and all the details related to this prestigious award. For now, we’ll say goodbye and we would love to hear what you think about it in the comments.

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  1. Pq pro Messi? Di stefano ganhou com apenas 2 bolas de ouro, oq pesou foram as Champions, algo q CR7 tem mais titulos e mais gols e assistências q messi nessa competição.
    Por causa da copa vao dar um premio? Cobrar copa do mundo de um jogador de Portugal, chega a ser bizarro.

    • We appreciate your views on the post. It a suggestion made fans that is not officially announced by France Football. We have just mentioned some facts about a player based on titles and records. Anyway thanks for commenting.


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