What is the TikTok Gum Challenge That has Sent 10 School Students to Hospital, Side Effects of Chewing Trouble Gum

Another TikTok challenge called “Trouble Bubble” has made police warn users not to attempt it as deemed dangerous for health. Already more than 10 school students have been hospitalized after attempting TikTok’s latest spicy gum challenge. Learn what is the TikTok Gum Challenge in detail and why it is dangerous for health.

The users of video sharing platform TikTok do some crazy stuff to go viral and start new trends but many of the time they ignore the consequences it may have on their health. The spicy gum challenge on TikTok has created a lot of worries among parents after 10 elementary students at Dexter Park School in Orange, Massachusetts, were hospitalized last week after encountering spicy bubble gum.

It is a harmful dare that can have many negative effects on the human body. A person can have stomach issues, skin allergies, burning of the mouth, and several others. That’s why police authorities across the US have issued warnings and requested parents to explain the side effects to their children.  

What is the TikTok Gum Challenge

The new trend Trouble Bubble Gum TikTok is making headlines across the world after users attempting the challenge were hospitalized due to numerous health issues. The challenge makes you chew gum known as Trouble Bubble which contains some harmful ingredients.

The spiciness intensity of the gum is measured at 16 million Scoville heat units, which is significantly higher compared to the conventional pepper spray that ranges between 1 to 2 million Scoville units. The guy chewing this gum can experience digestive issues, including burning of the mouth and esophagus. Health experts also say a user can have skin reactions and eye irritation due to the high levels of the Scoville scale in the gum.

Screenshot of What is the TikTok Gum Challenge

The authorities of Southborough police in Massachusetts say that retailers including Amazon sell the gum online. It is currently part of a TikTok challenge, in which participants attempt to blow a bubble despite the gum’s spiciness.

Southborough police shared a Facebook post in which they warned people by saying “Anyone found to have used the gum should be treated for extensive exposure to oleoresin capsicum.” They further said “Immediately have them rinse, swish around, spit out water. Do this as many times as possible. If, by chance, they have actually swallowed the saliva, they may vomit and have difficulty breathing. These individuals should be evaluated and transported to an emergency room”.

As per the reports, Spice King Cameron Walker brought the challenge back on TikTok by making a video promoting CaJohns Trouble Bubble Gum. In 2021, people on TikTok posted videos of themselves doing the challenge, which made it popular. Now, the trend has returned to the platform with the latest challenge.

Is Attempting Trouble Bubble Gum Challenge TikTok too Dangerous?

The Trouble Bubble gum challenge TikTok has 10 million views on the platform with the hashtag #troublebubble. Many content makers of this platform have tried this challenge for the sake of views and to be part of this viral trend. But the reports coming out of Dexter Park School in Orange, Massachusetts have put a red alert on using this gum. According to the nearby police authorities, more than 10 students suffered badly trying out this challenge, and the school administration had to call an ambulance to hospitalize them.

Screenshot of TikTok Gum Challenge

One of the student’s parents talking to told a news outlet “They walked in, and, um, kids were crying, they were just lined up down the hall in the front hall area. Like their hands were red, their faces were beet red and they were crying saying it hurt, some of them were like a deep red.”

She further said “It was something that you see in a horror movie. Honestly, it just kind of felt like these kids had been under attack.” Hence the police warned the netizens to avoid using this spicy gum as it contains dangerous ingredients.

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Well, what is the TikTok Gum Challenge should not be a mystery anymore as we have discussed all the details regarding the spicy gum chewing trend. That’s all we have for this one we would love to hear your thoughts on it so do comment.

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