What’s New In UAE Labor Law 2022

The government of the United Arab Emirates making changes to the law regarding labor. UAE Labor Law 2022 has been officially implemented by the government which changes many essential aspects of the laboring and its operations.

The changes were presented in November 2021 and now those changes have been implemented in all parts of the United Arab Emirates. The new and awaited changes in the labor constitution will make the work less stressful and flexible.

The latest adjustments and revisions will make the jobs easier for many kinds of workers and shared job option will help divide the work. The people surely will love the adjustments in working hours and other great revisions.

UAE Labor Law 2022

In this article, you learn about all the new changes and revolutions made in the new labor law UAE 2022. Many employees have welcomed these changes and admired the government for its efforts to provide relief and flexible works hours.

Decree No. 33 of 2021 on regulations of Labor relations has been implemented and made effective by the government. After hearing this epic news, people from all parts of the UAE who work in the public sector are really happy and pleased.

What is UAE Labor law 2022?

What is UAE Labor law 2022

The Federal Law N0.33 of 2021 (new labor law in UAE 2022) will be made effective after 2 February 2022 and the previous regulation Law.8 of 1980 will be repealed. This will be made effective in private sectors in the United Arab Emirates.

All the biggest markets in these states including Abu Dhabi Global Market, Dubai International Financial center, and many more financial hubs would have to implement these changes as well. The new regulations have received positive shouts and are breath of fresh air for employees.

Basically, the employment regulations for the private sector will be reshaped and remodeled to give employees all around the states flexibility and time to relax. There are many pleasing adjustments made for ease of worker.

UAE New Labor Law 2022 Gratuity

As the minister of human resources and Emiratization stated “the new law gives employees many options for end of service benefits, like saving projects”. So, this makes an employee more assured about the future and relaxes him.

Foreign workers who stay in an organization for more than one year and work full time are entitled to earn end service benefits on the basic wage. The new legislation will accommodate many concerns shown by the worker under previous regulations.

If an expat employee in UAE finishes a job, they are eligible for an end of services gratuity.

UAE New Labor Law 2022 Working Hours

The flexible hour options have a shared jobs option where two workers can split the work and hours of work after agreeing to terms with their employer. If the employee works for forty hours a week in line with the terms in the contract then he/she can distribute those hours over three days.

They can also make adjustments according to their work hours or days depending on the workload and requirements. There are also many adjustments made to important things like part-time work, flexible time, and supplementary leave to the benefit of employees.

New Labor Law UAE 2022 PDF

To read all the small details about these changes and download the document in PDF form just click the below link.

So, you can check all the details by yourself by downloading the document form, just click to acquire it.

Major Changes

  • Indefinite or permanent contracts will be switched to fixed terms contracts
  • Employers can’t force a worker to leave the country if he quits the job and search for other jobs
  • Employees will have 180 days to find a new job if they left the ongoing job
  • Discrimination of any type will not be allowed either it refers to race, gender, religion, nationality, color, and disability
  • Employers can’t force their workers to work overtime for more than 2 hours and if they do, their company will have to pay 25% more than a normal hourly rate
  • End of service contenders must be given their benefits within 14 days to avoid penalty
  • Equal pay for the women
  • Protection against harassment
  • Flexible work models
  • Adjustments in maternity pay and leave
  • Many more  

To read and know about all the revisions and changes, just visit the official website of this ministry or download the official document using the link provided in the above section.

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Well, UAE Labor Law 2022 will take effect on 2 February 2022 Scrapping the Federal Law No.8 of 1980. So, to know your responsibilities and rights being an employee or employer, carefully read this post.

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