Who is Adi Nevgi in MasterChef Australia Season 15, Bio, Age, Wiki, Journey to MasterChef

Adi Nevgi has impressed the MasterChef Australia season 15 judges with her innovative cooking expertise. She has captured the spotlight with her unique recipes. Many people have started to ask the question is Adi Nevgi an Indian? So, here you will get to know who is Adi Nevgi in MasterChef Australia season 15 in detail and learn about her journey in the cooking show.

Who is Adi Nevgi in MasterChef Australia Season 15

Adi Nevgi Indian-origin contestant in MasterChef Australia this season. She has made a mark on the show with self-taught cooking expertise and in the last night’s episode she made a Fruit Loops Cake which impressed the judges of the show, Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and the late Jock Zonfrillo.

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Adi Nevgi who hails from Delhi India impressed the judges with her version of a famous dish from North India called butter chicken. Although she didn’t win immunity because her jeera rice was not cooked properly, her creative cooking methods and love for delicious flavors made a great impression in the show.

She is a doctor by profession and works in a Melbourne Hospital. Nevgi has studied general medicine and endocrinology, and she likes to learn about the science behind various foods. Cooking is her way of expressing her creative side and connecting with it. She is the author of a cookbook “A how-to guide on all the basics”.

Adi Nevgi is of Indian origin. She takes great pride in her Indian heritage and loves Indian food. Adi was born in 1002, so she is currently about 31 years old. She went to medical school at Monash University to get her bachelor’s degree and later moved to the University of Sydney to complete her Master’s in Public Health. She specialized in general medicine and endocrinology.

Adi Nevgi Journey to MasterChef Australia Season 15

Adi enjoys spending time on her hobbies like reading, traveling, and cooking, and she has been to 55 different countries already. She also shares her experiences as a food lover, traveler, and doctor on her Instagram profile.

Adi lives in Victoria Australia currently with her family. Her parents are Indian who moved to Australia a long time ago. Adi is an Australian citizen and her ethnicity is Indian. She hasn’t disclosed anything about her love life or marital status until this moment.

Adi Nevgi Journey to MasterChef Australia Season 15

Adi always wanted to participate in cooking shows as she loves this hobby and has learned many recipes used in various parts of the world. Adi’s knowledge of general medicine and endocrinology has increased her passion for food and enhanced her understanding of its scientific aspects. For Adi, cooking combines her academic and creative interests perfectly. Hence, she always wished to participate in cooking competitions.

Talking about her way to MasterChef Australia Journey she said “I taught myself to cook and learned everything I know just in the past few years.” Adi tried to get into season 14 of MasterChef Australia but due to the workload during the pandemic time.

She told during the show “There was no guarantee I’d be able to get on any subsequent seasons [if she applied again], I was worried this was my one shot and that I’d thrown it away. I was gutted.” Despite the decision to turn down the opportunity, the “pause” only boosted her passion for cooking.”

She further explained “During COVID, work was very demanding, Sometimes I’d be so stressed out about somebody sick that it would be on my mind all night. After such long hours, I’d come home and would need an outlet.”

Adi was chosen as one of the contestants for the 15th season of MasterChef Australia, titled “Secrets & Surprises.” There are 18 contestants in total and the judges for this season are Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and Jock Zonfrillo. It is a dream come true for Adi Nevgi to be part of this competition.

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So, who is Adi Nevgi in MasterChef Australia season 15 surely will not be a question anymore because we have provided all the details about this talented Indian-origin contestant. That’s all for this post for now we say goodbye.

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