Who is Aindrila Sharma? Is She Alive? – Current Health Condition

The Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma has been in the spotlight lately due to extreme health issues. At the moment, Sharma is hospitalized. Know who is Aindrila Sharma and the details related to her health conditions. The doctors say the situation is very serious, and she has been admitted to a private hospital.

Aindrila Sharma’s health condition is a hot topic at the moment due to her enormous fan following and her well-known status. As a result of a cardiac arrest, she is hospitalized and is once again in an extremely critical condition.

In addition, there are some inaccurate speculations about her death. A few days ago, she was on a ventilator but now she is in stable condition and no longer needs one. With a deadly disease like cancer, Aindrila Sharma has fought twice.

Who is Aindrila Sharma

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Aindrila Sharma is a famous Bengali actress who has done some popular projects for OTT platforms and television. Aindrila Sharma age as per her bio on her social networks is 25 and her date of birth is 5th Feb 1997. As of right now, she is unmarried and dating Sabyasachi Chowdhury.

There are 149k followers on her Instagram account, where she posts stories & pictures regularly. She graduated from college and began her acting career after completing her degree. It was in a television show called “Jhoomar” that she made her debut as an actress.

Her acting experiences include a variety of OTT projects. She has appeared in the lead roles in shows like ‘Jibon Jyoti’ and ‘And Jiyon Kathi’. Aindrila runs a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs about a variety of topics. There are 37.7k subscribers to her YouTube channel.

She got famous for her part in Jiyon Kathi where Aindrila played the role of Jahnabi Chatterjee aka Tuli. As a result of her appearances in Bengali commercials and web series, she has a large fan base in the region. Her vlogs demonstrate that Aindrila enjoys traveling.

Aindrila Sharma Health Update

The blood clots in Aindrila Sharma’s brain have accumulated because of her stroke. In spite of being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, Andrilla never gave up. Aindrila underwent surgery some time ago.

She was also praised for her invincible heart and positive attitude towards life by her boyfriend Sabyasachi Chowdhury, who witnessed her battle closely. She has been acknowledged by her boyfriend many times in the media for her fighting spirit. According to him, she will be able to fully recover again soon and resume her normal life.

Aindrila Sharma Health Update

According to Sabyasachi, Aindrila is responding to treatment. Doctors are using external stimuli to treat her. In addition, he told on Facebook that he has returned to normal breathing, although he has not fully recovered consciousness. Blood pressure is also relatively normal.

People close to her are wishing speedy recovery and hoping for the best. There is no truth to the rumors declaring her dead, and she is recovering slowly. Although she is in a very serious condition, she is being treated in a private hospital in Howrah.

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