Who is Angeles Bejar Mother of Luis Rubiales Currently on a Hunger Strike for her Son

The Spanish Football president Luis Rubiales is under huge criticism after his kissing video went viral on social media. The incident happened during the award ceremony after the Spanish women’s World Cup triumph when President Rubiales kissed Spanish player Jennifer Hermoso on the lips. Luis Rubiales’s mother is now on hunger strike due to the treatment her son he receiving. Learn who is Angeles Bejar mother of Luis Rubiales in detail and the full story behind the controversy.

Who is Angeles Bejar Mother of Luis Rubiales

The mother of Luis Rubiales Angeles Bejar has locked herself and is on a hunger strike as her son’s kissing scandal is getting hotter each passing day. Spain’s Women’s Football team won the FIFA Women’s World Cup last Sunday beating England.

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During the award ceremony, Spanish Football President Luis Rubiales got overexcited and kissed Jennifer Hermoso on the lips. The video rapidly went viral directing all the attention of the viewers towards the incident. Everyone started criticizing the boss of the Spanish football asking him to step down.

But Luis Rubiales refused to resign from the Spanish FA and made a controversial statement on why he kissed the player which he said “kiss was spontaneous, mutual, euphoric and (done) with consent.” His unwanted apology doesn’t do him good either as the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) asked for his resignation.

In the statement, RFEF said, “After the recent events and the unacceptable behaviors that have seriously damaged the image of Spanish football, the president’s request that, immediately, Mr. Luis Rubiales submits his resignation as president of the RFEF”.

Even the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared his statement unacceptable while the Deputy Prime Minister asked for his resignation. All this pressure and criticism have made Angeles Bejar Mother of Luis Rubiales go on strike.

Angeles Bejar Mother of Luis Rubiales Goes on Hunger Strike

Angeles the 72-year-old mother of Rubiales is not happy with the treatment his son receiving. She has started a hunger strike in a church in southern Spain in defense of her son. When asked about the strike she said “I will remain here for as much time as my body can. I am willing to die for justice because my son is a decent person and it’s not fair what they’re doing.”

She wants Jenni Hermoso, who won the World Cup to share what really happened with the kiss. Hermoso has already said that the kiss was not something she agreed to. Hermoso tweeted on X, “I felt vulnerable and a victim of an assault, an impulsive, macho act, out of place and with no type of consent on my part.”

Because of the way Rubiales acted after Spain’s Women’s World Cup win, like kissing Jenni Hermoso without being asked, FIFA has temporarily stopped him from doing anything related to football for 90 days. Spain’s supreme sports council is also trying to make him leave his job.

Luis Rubiales Kissing Hermoso

Rubiales also made a bizarre gesture of grabbing his crotch during the celebrations. He did this when he was in a special presidential box with the queen of Spain and her teenage princess daughter. He was also immensely criticized for celebrating this way.

Explaining his action he states “In a moment of euphoria I grabbed that part of my body. I was very moved when after winning the World Cup you turned around and dedicated it to me. There I made the gesture. I apologize to the Queen and the Infanta for a very unedifying gesture. I do not justify myself: sorry ”.

Talking about the kiss he said “The kiss was consented. We had very affectionate moments in this concentration. The moment Jenni appeared, she picked me up from the ground and we almost fell. And when she left me on the ground, we hugged. She took me up in her arms and we hugged. I told her ‘Forget the [missed] penalty, you’ve been fantastic in this World Cup’ and she told me ‘You’re a crack’ and I told her, A little peck? and she said okay”.

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Surely you now know who is Angeles Bejar mother of Luis Rubiales and everything about the hunger strike she is doing currently. The president of Spanish football is under the storm after kissing Jenni Hermoso without consent during the FIFA Women’s World Cup award ceremony in Sydney.

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