Who Is Eigon Oliver A Fan Who Resembles Neymar, Neymar Injury Update

This year’s FIFA World Cup 2022, the most-watched sporting event, is off to a roaring start. Already there have been big surprises with Japan beating Japan, Saudi Arabia Beating Argentina, and Morocco smashing the 2nd best team Belgium. The emergence of Eigon Oliver, who resembles the Brazilian football superstar Neymar, was also one of the incidents that captured the attention of many people. In this article, you’ll get to know who is Eigon Oliver in detail and find out what made him so popular.

The group stage has been hugely entertaining for the fans who have already witnessed some thrilling matches. There is a huge population of football fans in Qatar to watch the world cup 2022. The lookalike of Neymar Junior is also there to support his idol Neymar.

During the match between Brazil and Switzerland last night Eigon Oliver surprised many Brazil supporters as they started shouting Neymar’s name after seeing it on the screen. Neymar is currently injured and was not named in the squad for Switzerland.  

Who Is Eigon Oliver

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Neymar look alike Eigon Oliver was present in the stand last night in stadium 974 to support Brazil. He made people confused by his appearance as people mistake him for Neymar and cheer the footballer’s name during the match against Switzerland.

Eigon is a well-known social media personality and has more than 700,000 Instagram followers. Many people mistake this Neymar Jr. impostor for the Brazilian superstar footballer. Brazilian fans began screaming when they saw the man and rushed to take photos with him thinking he was the real Neymar.

It was even reported that he obtained a neck tattoo resembling the Brazilian superstar, posed for endless photos, and waved to onlookers before departing the scene surrounded by security guards. The guy has become the poster boy of the world cup so far.

The Neymar copy allegedly deceived stadium organizers into letting him in, believing he was the Brazilian football legend. As Neymar shared a picture of himself on Instagram to show support for his team, his doppelganger also got the attention of Brazil fans at the stadium.

Eigon Oliver

His resemblance to Neymar became a talking point again on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc. The doppelganger had been performing his best Neymar impersonation while walking around Qatar for days. Brazil won the game by a 1 – 0 margin and qualified for the round of 16 stage.

Casemiro scored the only goal in the 83rd minute to secure the victory that help them to go through to the next round of FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar. Neymar got injured during the first game against Serbia and was declared out for the remaining group stages of the game.

When Will Neymar Be Available For Selection?

When Will Neymar Be Available For Selection

A lot of Neymar Jr fans are worried about the extent of his injury and asking if he out of the world cup. The PSG star suffered an ankle injury which will keep him out of the action for at least remainder of the group stage.

But the good news for Brazil supporters is that he could come back in the knockout stages. Some reports in Brazil are also suggesting that he may feature in some capacity during the final group game against Cameroon on Friday.

The Brazil team has already qualified for the Round of 16 as group winners as they have beaten the second-best team in the group Switzerland. Neymar coming back from injury will boost the chances of Brazil winning the tournament as they lack creativity in the final third in the game against the Swiss, especially in the first half.

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Final Words

Since we have provided all the details about Neymar’s replica, who is Eigon Oliver, and why he is so viral shouldn’t be a mystery anymore. Furthermore, we have provided an update on Neymar’s ankle injury and predicted his return to the team.

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