Who is Elliot Gindi, Is He Dead, Tighnari Voice Actor Controversy Explained

Elliot Gindi is again in the headlines after rumors of his death went viral on social media. The popular voice artist who voiced Tighnari in Genshin Impact death news is not confirmed as it is deemed as false speculation by various reports and the TikTok video claiming Gindi had died is removed from the platform. Here get to know who is Elliot Gindi and the full story behind his death rumors.

Elliot was fired by Genshin Impact a month ago for breaching the contract. He use to voice the popular in-game character Tighnari which will be relaunched with a new voice as per the developer. The video announcing Elliot’s death has surfaced online and it was viewed 240,000 times before it was deleted by the creator.

The video created made many people wonder about the voice artist who has given voice to many popular anime characters involved in video games.

Who is Elliot Gindi – Is He Alive

Elliot Gindi is an American voice actor from Brooklyn, New York. Among his best-known roles is that of Tighnari in Genshin Impact. With each character in the role-playing experience being quite well-known, Genshin Impact is one of the most famous games of recent years.

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Gindi has acted in a number of anime episodes, including one in the Pokemon anime where he played Billy. Additionally, Gindi has voiced characters in other video games. This includes the role of Lion in the game Away: The Survival Series. Furthermore, he has performed voice-overs or a number of other projects.

Elliot began his career in 2019 by voicing the character Rowan in P.A.M.E.L.A. He has since voiced other characters in video games. These include “AI: The Somnium Files,” “Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World,” and “Last Labyrinth.”

A TikTok video surfaced on February 28, 2023, stating Elliot died in his apartment and was found dead with no cause of death known. The video indicated the voice artist had committed suicide, leading the viewer to believe he was dead.

In the aftermath, the creator deleted the video and several reports emerged that Gindi was not dead. As of now, people close to the voice actor have not confirmed the rumors, and it is believed that the information given in the video is false.

The video maker also confirmed that the voiceover was fake and used an AI voice to make it sound like a real news broadcast. At first, many people felt bad after watching the video, but the good news is that he is alive and all the Elliot Gindi drama is untrue.

Why Elliot Gindi Is Fired By Genshin Impact

Many people made accusations against Elliot Gindi on Twitter in February 2023, which he later confessed to being true, even though he claims he never “knowingly did anything with anyone under age.” In response to these allegations of sexual misconduct, Genshin Impact fired him and announced he would no longer voice the character due to a breach of contract.”.

Why Elliot Gindi Is Fired By Genshin Impact

Elliot Gindi Twitter account, Twitch, and Discord pages were used for inappropriate behavior with fans of Gindi. An extensive Google document detailing the alleged transgressions was posted by FretCore, a Twitter user.

Also, Genshin Impact’s voice director Chris Faiella Tweeted about the situation saying “appreciate everyone bringing the situation regarding Elliot to my attention. To say I’m angry, disappointed, and heartbroken about it all, would be an understatement. My heart goes out to anyone who has been victimized by this unacceptable and inappropriate behavior,”. Later, Gindi apologized in an extended tweet.

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Who is Elliot Gindi and whether he is alive should not be an unknown thing anymore as we have presented all the information about the current situation related to the voice artist. We end the post here do share your thoughts on it using comments.

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