Who is Gabbie Hanna? All About TikTok Controversial Videos

Another popular TikTok star is in the limelight after posting tons of bizarre and concerning videos in a couple of days. Fans are worried about her mental health and are asking for help. In this post, you will get to know Who is Gabbie Hanna and why she is in the headlines these days.

We have seen a lot of controversial videos in the past of very famous social media celebrities on TikTok and yet again a very well-known personality has uploaded more than 100 videos in a single day where she has been seen crying, laughing, and expressing bizarre things.

This act has made her fans worried about her mental health and many of her fans took to Twitter to express their feeling about the situation. The worrisome videos are flooded with concerning comments on TikTok as well.

Who is Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna is a very famous American Internet personality who has more the 5 million followers on the video-sharing platform. Recently she came into the spotlight after her official account flooded with about 200 videos in the past few days.

The most worrying part is that she seems abnormal and has uploaded uncharacteristic monologues about religion and claims that she herself is a deity. She has millions of followers on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter all seem to be attentive to this situation.

Screenshot of Gabbie Hanna

One of the videos that made her followers most worried is the one in which she is saying “I really need support right now because I did the right research, I performed the right rituals, with a clear heart, and mind, and body – and I saved our baby.”

Lots of heartfelt messages have been sent to her by fans and most of them are demanding to check on her mental health. The internet personability is popular for posting ‘day in the life’ style related short videos on TikTok.

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Gabbie Hanna Biography

Screenshot of Who is Gabbie Hanna

The TikTok star belongs to New Castle, Pennsylvania, US, and was born on 7th February 1991. The 31-year-old is also a singer and songwriter. Out Load, Extended Play, 2WayMirror, and multiple others are the projects she has done in her career.

Her debut album is Trauma Queen which was released recently on July 22, 2022. Hanna has also published two poetry books, Adultolescence (2017) and Dandelion (2020) that have achieved the New York Times Best Sellers awards.

She has been very vocal about her mental health since the start of her career. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and struggled a lot mentally many a time. That’s why fans are really worried about her as she has mental illness and struggled with it before as well.

Gabbie Hanna Net Worth

Her wealth mostly comes from social media networks as she is blessed with millions of followers on various social media networks. She also has a YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers and more than 130 million views.

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth portal, her net worth is around $2 million and the majority comes from her TikTok and YouTube channels. She has also appeared in multiple TV shows like ‘Dance Showdown’ and co-hosted the Reboot TV series Total Request Live.

After all the requests from her fans and well-wishers, the police visited her home to check on her and left her a wellness card as revealed by Gabbie herself speaking about the situation. So, Gabbie Hanna TikTok videos are a cause of mental trauma.

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Final Verdict

Well, who is Gabbie Hanna is not a mystery anymore as we have provided all the details related to her and the incident that happened recently. That’s all for this article, for now, we say goodbye.

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