Who Is Jackie La Bonita The TikToker Mocked By Two Women During A Baseball Game, Controversy Explained

Another TikTok star is in the headlines after being part of a bullying case at a recent Houston Astros game. A lot of people came in support of Jackie who was the victim of mocking during the match. Many people are interested in knowing Who is Jackie La Bonita and the details regarding the incident so here is everything you want to learn.

The video-sharing platform TikTok has made many users famous and Jackie enjoys a large following on the platform. She is popular for her content related to shopping and describes herself as “a girl from Texas with a shopping problem.”

While attending a Houston Astros baseball game, Jackie reportedly became the target of ridicule from two girls who allegedly mocked her for taking selfies. According to a TikTok video she posted, the girls taunted her by calling her “lame” and sticking their tongues out at her.

Who Is Jackie La Bonita

Jackie La Bonita is a well-known social media influencer from Texas US. She has over 248k followers on TikTok where she makes content about shopping and makeup. Among Jackie’s most popular videos are tutorials on makeup and styling using products from Urban Decay and BaBylissPRO, as well as vlogs of her shopping expeditions to stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

Screenshot of Who Is Jackie La Bonita

Jackie La Bonita Instagram account has over 28K followers as well. She regularly shares reels and images related to her work along with ongoing events in her life. Jackie became more famous after the mocking case which happened when she was clicking selfies during a baseball game recently.

The TikToker uploaded a video of herself posing for pictures at the baseball game, during which two girls in the background began laughing and making comical gestures. The video went viral on various social platforms in no time becoming a top topic with many users jumping on to have their say on the incident.

Screenshot of Jackie La Bonita

In the video, a woman proceeds to flip the middle finger and give a side-eye to the TikToker. Later, the woman begins to record Jackie while referring to her as “lame,” and subsequently talks with her friend seated beside her.

Jackie says she was able to hear the two women talking about her, and afterward, they smiled, laughed, and stuck their tongues out in her direction. The actions of the women sparked a huge controversy and the bullies were criticized big time.

One of the bully’s ex-boyfriends revealed he was also attacked online. He shares his thoughts on the matter via a TikTok video in which he claims his family was getting attacked online following the scandal. He came to the defense of the girls and implored social media users not to post negative comments about them, but instead urged them to show kindness.

Jackie La Bonita Baseball Game Controversy Reactions

Many came to support La Bonita online after being mocked by two women. Even the famous American Rapper Cardi B also showed support with a tweet in which she said “I would [have] of put that ring to use.” Referring to the ring in the hands of Jackie.

Some users are not happy with attacks on bullies and their families online which they called unethical behavior. One user wrote “This world is doomed if we’re doxing people because of every little action they do. This Jackie La Bonita thing is small and mundane but it’s so gross on both ends to see what people are capable of in this day and age.”   

Another user named Kat Tenbarge tweeted “Even if there’s some mildly shameful behavior happening the way the internet reacts to these things almost always causes more harm than good, plus women and marginalized groups bear the brunt of targeted harassment regardless if they did anything wrong”.

A user named @JuniorMoff tweeted “The fact that litzareli madrigal was found within minutes of the bullying video going viral and the company she works for has had to label themselves as permanently closed, should serve as a reminder that it takes one time to go viral and it’ll ruin your life. Was it worth it?”.

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Well, many people wanted to know who Is Jackie La Bonita after her TikTok video getting mocked went viral. It sparked a big debate among people from all across the globe therefore, we have provided all the information regarding the incident and numerous views of the users.

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