Who is Laura Brown The TV Personality Kyle Walker Had An Affair, Allegations, Bar Incident

Kyle Walker, the English Football player who is currently playing for Manchester City is under savior allegations of cheating on his girlfriend by reality TV star Laura Brown. Get to know who is Laura Brown in detail and the full story behind the cheating allegations.

The Sun has published an alleged CCTV video of the Manchester City defender flashing at a bar, which may lead to a police investigation. Cheating allegations are not Kyle’s only concern at the moment. In the bar, he was seen touching a woman’s br*asts and doing other inappropriate things.

As per the report published by the Sun, the incident happened after the game against Newcastle United which Manchester City won by a 2-0 margin. Previously, Laura Brown a TV reality show participant revealed that Kyle use to have affair with her back in 2019.

Who is Laura Brown Kyle Walker’s Secret Affair

Laura Brown, a reality TV personality, revealed that she had been in a romantic relationship with Kyle Walker in 2019. According to her, she was heartbroken when she saw the Manchester City defender’s Mother’s Day tweet dedicated to his then-girlfriend Annie Kilner.

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Brown revealed their relationship through a message and alleged that Kyle had exploited her. Apparently, she believed Kyle deemed himself able to treat her any way he wished because of his rich status as a football player.

Laura made the ethical decision to inform Annie about Kyle’s actions, leading her to reveal their relationship and her belief that he misused his power and resources. The decision was made by Laura Brown to tell her ex-girlfriend Annie Kilner what Kyle Walker had been doing. Laura forwarded a selfie Walker sent her to prove their affair after Annie requested proof.

In the course of one of their meetings, Laura Brown revealed that Kyle Walker purchased her a Starbucks drink at the drive-through. Walker informed her during their conversation that he was a father, but he did not mention his relationship at the time. She said this was one of the occasions when they spent time together, and the incident stuck with her.

According to the report published by Sun, Laura wrote to Annie Kilner “He’s a rat. He was always funny and a nice guy to me but when I found out he was actually with u and kids I’m not that girl to keep seeing him I no (sic) you’ve been together (sic) a long time but it’s no excuse for him.”

Laura explained the full story to Annie of how they met and spent time together as she also claimed Annie was suspicious and dismissive of her when she first got in contact. She also praised Annie and considered her a strong woman.

After finding out about the incident that happened after the match against Newcastle Annie posted a message saying “I believe it’s memorable critical that regardless of the fact that you are so great to individuals, it won’t make them great to you.”

Kyle Walker Annie Kilner Relationship Status

Kyle and Annie are teenage love birds who have been together for more than a decade. The former Spurs player has three sons with Annie Roman, Rinan, and Reign. The couple broke up in 2019 after living together for 9 years when Kyle was found cheating on her with Laura.

Kyle Walker Annie Kilner Relationship Status

Walker got into another relationship and became a dad for the fourth time during the split. Annie then took a legal route to have a share of Walker’s wealth. The new allegations against Kyle Walker for flashing in a bar after the match with Newcastle are also very serious with police investing the video and if found guilty of indecent exposure, he could be sentenced to two years of prison.

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Well, you got to know who is Laura Brown the woman Kyle Walker had an affair with while married to Annie Kilner. As you read the post, you will likely understand Annie’s reasons for splitting up with Kyle Walker, her teenage time partner.                 

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