Who is Mark Goldbridge Whose Reaction During Livestream Went Viral, Wiki, Age, Viral Video

Mark Goldbrindge the popular Manchester United fan has grabbed the spotlight with his reaction to Liverpool’s 7th goal as it viral all over social media. Get to know who is Mark Goldbridge in detail and full story about the viral crying reaction.

Liverpool thrashed Manchester United in the English Premier League last night beating them with a record margin of 7 – 0 at Anfield. It is one of the most embarrassing defeats in United’s long history making united fans hide in a cave to trolling they are receiving online.

Beating Barcelona in Europa League and winning the Carabao Cup made United fans believe they could get over the line against the struggling Liverpool side this season. But all the dreams of beating Liverpool at Anfield were shattered as United conceded 7 failing to score a single goal. It was a night to forget for the United faithful including Mark Goldbridge.

Who is Mark Goldbridge

Mark Goldbridge whose real name is Brent Di Cesare is a famous YouTuber who runs Manchester United-based fan channel The United Stand. He also has several other channels on YouTube with a decent following like That’s Football, That’s Entertainment, and Mark Goldbridge.

The main channel The United Stand 1.61 million subscribers with many millions of views. He is a massive united fanboy who follows and reacts to everything happening in and around the club. His content on YouTube is mostly about united and football.

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Mark is 44 years old born in Nottingham and lives in Solihull. His date of birth is 7th April 1979 and he also gave services as a police officer prior to the start of his YouTube career. He started his YouTube and other platforms streaming journey in 2014.

Among Goldbridge’s four YouTube channels are “The United Stand,” which features Manchester United content, “Mark Goldbridge That’s Football,” which features general football content and watchalongs. A YouTube channel entitled “Mark Goldbridge That’s Entertainment” features clips from recent live streams, while a channel called “Mark Goldbridge” features more personal content like cooking videos, vlogs, and general chatting.

He has also worked with talkSport where he use to do a late-night show for the platform. All these years his main topic remained Manchester United as his favorite club has seen an immense downfall after so many glorified years under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mark Goldbridge Reaction To Liverpool Thrashing United 7-0

Manchester was confident going into the game as they were unbeaten in their last ten games in which they beat FC Barcelona and won Carabao Cup defeating Newcastle United. Some united fans also were confident that their team will beat Liverpool easily and get a much-awaited win at Anfield.

Mark Goldbridge Reaction To Liverpool Thrashing United 7-0

But the table was turned upside down as Liverpool gave a beating that will be remembered forever by the united faithful. In the first half, Liverpool only scored once as formerly United Linked Cody Gakpo netted in 43rd minute of the match. In the second half, it felt like United forgot how to play football as Liverpool netted six goals in 45 minutes.

Manchester players were all over the place conceding a goal almost at every Liverpool attack. It was hard watching them beaten like that for all the fans including Mark Goldbridge who literally cried while having a live stream. He hides behind his chair when Liverpool scored their 7th goal of the match and couldn’t believe what happened.

After Firmino made it 7-0 to Liverpool just before stoppage-time, he was a broken man. He shouted I can’t believe it many times and hit the floor of the room in disgust. He said: “They were always going to go in for the kill… Oh, f****** hell. I’m gone. I’m finished. No! No! NOOOO! Oh for god’s sake! No! No! No!

Here is the full video of Mark Goldbridge’s full reaction to Liverpool game.

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Surely, you now know who is Mark Goldbridge who shouted and cried during the live stream when Liverpool netted the 7th goal against Manchester United. That’s all we have of this one as we say goodbye for now.

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