Who is Tanja Lamby The Athlete Viral On TikTok, Age, Boyfriend, Career Highlights

Despoina Tajya Charalambous popularly known as Tanja Lamby is the new viral personality on TikTok as the athlete videos are adored by the user of the video-sharing platform. TikTok is a platform known for making things viral in no time but in Tanja’s case, it’s adding fuel to fire but in a positive context. Learn who is Tanja Lamby and the reasons for her getting viral on TikTok.

The young and beautiful higher jumper from Cyprus is the latest sensation people are talking about these days. She doesn’t post TikTok videos neither she has a TikTok account but still, her videos have generated millions of views with people wanting to know more about her.

Tanja Lamby is already an established name in the high jumping game as she has appeared in the commonwealth games representing her country with the national team. She wants to win a medal in the future and improve many aspects of her game.

Who is Tanja Lamby

Tanja Lamby is a Cypriot athlete who has captured many hearts with her athletic abilities and good looks. Currently, the athlete’s TikTok videos are trending on TikTok, making her one of the most searched personalities. A TikTok user with the handle Lady_Pam75 is sharing her videos on this platform. She is a friend of Tanja who is also a high jumper and model named Pamela Bordot.

Tanja Lamby is a young athlete whose real name is Despoina Tajya Charalambous. Young Cypriot athlete of 22 years old. Tanja Lamby’s date of birth is 22nd May 2000. Also, she is an Instagram model with a large following, often sharing hot photos of herself.

On Instagram, Tanja frequently updates her more than 25k followers on what is going on in her life. In her posts, she discusses everything from her time competing to her photoshoots and workouts. As of now, she does not have a TikTok account, because her videos are uploaded by Pamela Bordot.

She has a boyfriend named Vangelis Kyriacou with whom she posted a picture of herself in a mini-pool or hot tub, breaking many hearts. A picture of Vangelis kissing her captioned miss you confirms they are in love even though he hasn’t been seen in many pictures of her.

Tariq Lamby Height is 1.69 meters (5 feet 6.5 inches) and weighs around 51 Kilograms. The athlete is also praised for her stunning good looks with other users stating how beautiful she is. The athletic abilities she possesses have also left a great impression.

Tanja Lamby Career Highlights

Besides representing her country in the commonwealth games, Lamby has won three national high jumping titles. Although she didn’t win a medal for the national team, many people were impressed by her performance.

Lamby, participated in the Cyprus team that participated in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games last year. She was full of praise for the atmosphere provided by England’s second city. Talking about the atmosphere the star told “(There was an) Incredible atmosphere and [I made] memories I will never forget.”

Tanja Lamby Career Highlights

One of her most memorable competition appearances was at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022, and the other was at the European Athletics U23 Championships in 2021. It is her dream to achieve better results in the future and to represent the national team at the Olympics.

Talking about her experiences in European Athletics U23 Championships on Instagram she captioned a post “Ending the season with a memorable experience I will never forget. I can always be better, go higher, and achieve more, but I can’t be anything less than satisfied with myself and my performance. I keep the 9th place u23 in Europe, the lessons I learned and have to work on, and the memories that will forever be with me. I want to thank my coach @charalambousagni, my family, and my friends for their support. Thank you, Tallinn. It was unreal”  

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This is everything you need to know about this famous high jumper and why she is so popular on TikTok. Surely, she is now no stranger to you as we have explained who is Tanja Lamby in detail. For now, that’s all for this one.

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