Who is Your Strawberry Flame on TikTok, Her Real Name, Age, Bio, Wiki

Your Strawberry Flame is one of the most viral TikTok stars of recent times and a social media influencer who has rise to fame in just short span of time. Her real name Imogen Lucie but everyone knows her as Your Strawberry Flame which is her user name on TikTok. Learn who is Your Strawberry Flame on TikTok in detail and her rise to the fame.

TikTok one of the most used social platform has given worldwide identity to many content creators from all walks of life. Imogen Lucie is latest content creator to get viral on social media due to teasing, exercise, and health content.

The beautiful red haired TikToker has over 857k followers on her TikTok and millions of likes on her videos. Not just TikTok, her videos are also being circulated on Instagram and Twitter. Hence, she has caught attention of people across numerous platforms.

Who is Your Strawberry Flame on TikTok

Imogen Lucie popularly known as Your Strawberry Flame is TikTok and Instagram model with a large following. She has set social media on fire with engaging and beauty content. She has become became very influential personality and her videos have many million views. Lucie has 771K followers on her Instagram account and 857.8K followers on TikTok.

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She shares video content showcasing her modeling endeavors, videos fulfilling fan requests, stitched clips, and personal vlogs delving into her career journey. She has also shared her passions for cosplay, lingerie, rugby, and the Star Wars universe.

Your Strawberry Flame creates videos in different spots like hot tubs, gardens, and even her bedroom. In her latest TikTok, she’s shown taking a cold bath with a T-shirt on. At first, she made a social media account to share exercises and health tips. But as she became more confident about how she looked and the account changed into what it is now.

Imogen Lucie also has a OnlyFans account as well. Her profile on there shows that she’s a big sports fan and really enjoys rugby and F1 racing. By subscribing, fans can gain access to thousands of pictures and videos of the redhead on OnlyFans.

More About Imogen Lucie aka Your Strawberry Flame

Imogen Lucie the social media sensation is from England. Imogen’s Date of birth is August 29, 1999 which makes her 23 years old. The young red-haired beauty birth sign is Virgo and she is big Star War fan. She also loves watching F1 racing and follows Rugby as well.

Imogen Lucie aka Your Strawberry Flame

In one of her vlogs she talked about her struggles with body positivity and eating disorders since childhood. She said thank you to her family for helping her get better and get rid of these issues in the video. She hasn’t revealed much about her family apart from talking about their support.

About her education, she posted that she used to be a proud ex-Catholic schoolgirl, and she studied biology as her main subject in college. There is no information available regarding her love life or who she is dating currently. According to Famous Birthdays website, she has two long-haired, grey and black cats.

Because she’s really good at connecting with people and making them remember her, she’s now one of the most influential creators on the TikTok. Her popularity has reached new heights in last few months and following is increasing with each day.

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Surely, you now know who is Your Strawberry Flame on TikTok the viral sensation who has captured the hearts of many people. All the information regarding her personal life and journey on social platforms have been provided in this post. So, it’s time to wrap up and sign off for now.

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