Who was Yoo Joo Eun? Why She Took Her Life? Insights & Suicide Note

Most of you may know Who was Yoo Joo Eun as she was a famous south Korean actress and you may also have seen various Yoo Joo Eun dramas as well. But heartbreaking news emerged a few days ago when she took her life at a such young age.

There are always reasons behind when a person commits suicide and only those who committed it can tell you the real situation behind taking that step. On 29 August 2022, the brother of Yoo Jo Eun announced that she has committed suicide and died.

The news shocked everyone including her co-workers who took to social media to share their condolences and thoughts. The fans are sad to hear about the sudden demise of their favorite star and it has become a talking point on numerous social media platforms.

Who was Yoo Joo Eun?

Since hearing about Yoo Joo Eun passing away people are wondering why she committed suicide. We will provide all the detail and information we have accumulated regarding this baffling incident. She was 27 years old TV actress from South Korea.

She has done many projects for the TV industry and was part of many popular series. She made her debut in 2018 in K-Drama Big Forest. She also featured in the popular TV CHOSUN’s Joseon Survival Period and MBC’s Never Twice.

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Her work in 2019’s Joseon Survival Period was appreciated by many and won a lot of fans’ hearts with her acting skills. She was well educated and a degree holder who completed graduation in acting from the acting department at the Korea National University of Arts.

Yoo Joo Eun net worth as per many reports was $1- $5 million. She looked like a very lively and adventurous person who has a decent fanbase on social networks. The sudden death has raised many questions as everyone wants to know the actual story behind her committing suicide.

Yoo Joo Eun’s Suicide Note

Her brother confirmed the death via Instagram account and announced she has left a note before taking her life. She apologized to each member of her family and also quoted various emotional lines about her life.

She stated in the note “I am sorry for leaving first. I am especially sorry to my mum, dad, brother, and grandma. My heart screams that I don’t want to live. Life without me may be empty, but please live on bravely. I’ll watch everyone. Don’t cry. Don’t get hurt.”

She further stated “I desperately wanted to do acting. It was my everything but living that life was not easy,” she said. “God loves me, so he won’t send me to hell. He will understand my heart and take care of me from now on. So, don’t worry everyone.”

She also wrote “I’ve lived such a happy life, which was more than what I deserved. That’s why it is enough for me. So please live without placing blame on anyone.” She added, “To all my loving family, friends, and my loved ones.” Thank you so much for embracing and understanding me, who is lacking and impatient. “You were my strength and my happiness.”

That’s the end of the note she wrote before taking her life. Her brother also shared her funeral details and stated “For those who have time, please say farewell to Joo-Eun. The deceased’s burial will be held on August 31 in funeral hall #32 of Ajou University Hospital in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province.”

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Final Thoughts

Well, we have provided all the details regarding the suicide, and certainly, who was Yoo Joo Eun is not a mystery anymore as we have also presented details related to her life. That’s all for this post as we sign off for now.

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