Why did TikToker Coco and Grace Fight As Their Confrontation Videos have Gone Viral

Prominent TikTok stars Grace Reiter and Coco Bliss’s fighting video has gone viral on social media. The insane physical confrontation happened in the New York City Hotel capturing the attention of people all over the world. The fight video went viral in no time making every curious about why did TikToker Coco and Grace Fight. Here you will find all the information regarding the baffling fight and also learn about the two TikTok sensations.

The argument between these two social media influencers had been getting worse for a while, but it finally exploded in a New York hotel. Coco got into an argument at the hotel and then passed some bad words after which the fight exploded with both physically assaulting each other.

The incident was captured by different people who were present there and all of a sudden it was all over Twitter and other social networks. The videos show them yelling, fighting, and accusing each other. A lot of people want to know the full story behind the confrontation and here are all the details.  

Why did TikToker Coco and Grace Fight – Read Full Story

Two American TikTokers got into a very serious fight that resulted in one of them being handcuffed by the police after the complaint. You may already come across the Coco Bliss and Grace Reiter fight video on Twitter, Reddit, or any other social platform. There is a lot of buzz around the fight as both the TikTokers have a decent following video-sharing platform TikTok.

The problem supposedly began when Bliss was trying to enter an elevator just as Grace was coming out of it. According to Coco, it was Grace’s fault because she tried to pull out her phone to make a joke out of her. So, she knocked her phone out of her hand and the fight began.

Later Grace shared a TikTok video in which she was holding a red wig that came out during the fight. She captioned the video, “Guess who.” Other videos also reveal Coco having a big cut on her forehead and not wearing her wig. In some videos, Grace is warning Coco that she might take legal action against her because of what happened.

Around the same time as Grace’s video, Coco posted a TikTok where she was wearing what was left of her wig. She wrote, “All you did was grab my wig and scratch my face, babe.” Coco also challenged Grace for another in one of her videos posted later and said “I only tried to go a second round because she was saying she wanted to go at it again while she was on live.”

Who is Coco Bliss

Who is Coco Bliss

Coco Bliss is a well-known TikToker in the US popular for her lip-sync videos on trending songs. She has over 3.3 million followers and many million views on TikTok. She is from Miami, Florida, and earns from posting content on TikTok. Her age according to the details available online is 24 and recently she established her own modeling agency, called Bleu Bae Models.

Who is Grace Reiter

Who is Grace Reiter

Grace hails from New Orleans and also possesses a decent fan following on TikTok. She has around 1.1 million followers on TikTok where she tends to share dance and lip-sync videos. Grace Reiter is 28 years old and earns from posting content on various social platforms. She has a Twitch account where she streams her gameplay of games like Volarant.  

Coco and Grace’s Fight may not be a good thing to happen but the incident has made everyone talk about them on the internet. No doubt their followers will increase now as their real wrestling videos are trending across multiple social platforms.

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Well, we have described all the reasons why did TikToker Coco and Grace Fight along with reactions after the fight from these two well-known personalities. That’s all we have for this one in case you want to share your views use comments.

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