Why Is Rohit Sharma Called Vada Pav, Background Story, Swiggy Meme Controversy Explained

Rohit Sharma fitness has become a talking point again on social media after his poor performance against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the opening game of IPL 2023. Also, a meme made by the Swiggy food delivery app using Rohit’s picture is facing a huge backlash online. Get to know why is Rohit Sharma called Vada Pav and the background story which made the Swiggy meme more controversial.

Rohit Hitman Sharma is one of the best batters India has ever produced as his record speaks for itself. In the last couple of years, Rohit’s performances haven’t been as consistent as they used to be a few years back causing some people to doubt his credentials and fitness.

Since he has been named captain of the Indian cricket team he has had some awkward moments in front of the camera that has been used as memes. Swiggy a well-known food delivery app shared a meme using an image of Rohit from a practice session to portray he is reaching for Vada Pav and captioned it “Haters will say it’s photoshopped.” The Twitter post angered a lot of Rohit fans and brought back the memories of when Virender Sehwag referred him to Vada Pav.

Why Is Rohit Sharma Called Vada Pav Background & Orgin

The Swiggy Rohit Sharma meme controversy on Twitter brought back Virender Sehwag to the spotlight as the Indian Captained Rohit Sharma fans were not too pleased about the tweet made during IPL 2022. In the Tweet, Sehwag took a dig at Rohit by saying “Moonh se nivala cheen liya,, sorry vada pav cheen liya”. Previously, in one of his other videos the former Indian opener called Rohit Sharma A ‘Vada Pav’ took a dig at his eating habits and fitness.

He has been teased before with a mean nickname called “vada pav” by fans of another team during a match. This happened again recently in a game between MI and RCB. Rohit has been called this name for a while because he has gained weight over the years. Some fans of the opposing team use this name to make fun of him and compare him unfavorably to their own team’s captain, who is known for being very fit.

Screenshot of Why Is Rohit Sharma Called Vada Pav

Rohit fans are upset with the meme generated by shared by Swiggy and are angry big time as they started hashtag #boycottSwiggy for the disrespect they have shown toward the Indian and Mumbai skipper.

Vada Pav is a popular snack in India, especially in Maharashtra from where Rohit hails. The Mumbai Indians captain has gained some weight and images of his figure have been used as memes saying he is eating a lot of Vada Pav.

Rohit Sharma Vada Pav Swiggy Controversy Explained

Swiggy is an app where people can order food for delivery. They are in trouble because they reposted a joke on Twitter that made fun of Indian cricket team skipper Rohit Sharma. The joke was a picture of Rohit reaching for a vada pav at a stall, but it was edited to make it look silly. The app wrote a caption saying that “Haters will say it’s photoshopped,”. Many of Rohit’s fans were upset by this and said that it was disrespectful to him.

Rohit Sharma Vada Pav Swiggy Controversy Explained

One fan retweeted the post by saying “Disrespect to India’s National Team Vice Captain and Idol for millions of young cricketers is unacceptable and intolerable. It can’t be tolerated. I will never order food from this sh*t platform.” Rohit fans even begin a trend using hashtag #BoycottSwiggy under which there are a lot of tweets in anger toward the food delivery app.

Swiggy was quick to understand they have angered a lot of people with the meme so they removed the post from their account. They apologized to Rohit fans via tweet in which they stated “We reposted a fan’s tweet in good humour. While the image was not created by us, we do admit it could’ve been worded better. It was not meant to offend anyone in the least. Needless to say, we’re always with the Paltan.”

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So, why Is Rohit Sharma Called Vada Pav is certainly not an unknown thing now as we have explained the background story and insights of Swiggy meme controversy. That’s it for this one you can share your thoughts on it using comments as for now we sign off.

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