What is X Next to Snapchat Name in 2022 | Explainer

Whether you are a frequent user or a seasonal bird on the famous socializing app Snapchat it is not possible to get the feeling of utter familiarity every time, as there is always something new on the platform. Such as X next to Snapchat name is confusing some visitors nowadays.

Every day there is a new term coined by the creative users or something new added to the interface by the runners of this application. So, for most of us, it might be confusing sometimes. But over the years this has become a norm.

Now if you are seeing in 2022 an X beside name and asking what does the X mean over here you are not alone. To clear the confusion and increase your knowledge of this social media’s evolving landscape we are here with this comprehensive article. This is the ultimate guide for you to know all that matters.

The Mystery of X Next to Snapchat Name

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Shortcuts and acronyms are a norm on social media applications. Meant to denote something peculiar, to save time and screen space the user’s ingenuity comes into play. A new acronym making rounds online could be a no-brainer for most.

But for those who are late to the party or are newcomers, this could be too much. Making them feel as if in an alien world. So, from the latest emoticons to this shortened form, there could be a thousand interpretations to fathom.

Take for example the case of X next to Snapchat name 2022. If you are seeing it for the first time and have no idea of the context, you could interpret it in any form and give it a random meaning. All based on your pre-existing knowledge related to this symbol and the point of its placement on the screen.

The same happened to us and let’s find out what it exactly is in this section below.

What Does The X Mean On Snapchat

As many people are confused by this new addition and they are asking why is there a X next to someone on Snapchat, is it a virus, a bug, a matter of concern, or a benign glitch? To surprise you, the answer is fairly simple.

If you go to your profile and head to the chat page. There it will show you a list of all your current and ongoing conversations with the people you are added with. For example, if your last exchange with someone you received an image, there is a camera icon next to their name.

If the last interaction with your added partner on Snapchat was an exchange of words, there you will see a chat icon displayed next to their name. But some people find an X in place of the camera or chat icon.

So why is there a X next to someone on Snapchat here?

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What Is X Next to Snapchat Name

Now if you too see the X next to Snapchat name it simply means that that particular person has sent you a friend request which you have not considered yet. That means it is in pending mode. So what can you do about it?

Now when you tap the name it will display two buttons. The first one is ‘Okay’ which means you are accepting the request and a ‘Report or Block’ button. Once you click it, you will be able to report that person or block them.

Or when you see the X beside name on Snapchat you can directly tap it and it will display some other options from the chat page. This means you can use this method to block, report, or clear the conversation from here.

This means we have made it clear. Now you don’t have to ask what is this X doing next to this Snapchat name here if you see it again.  It is not a bug or anything concerning. It is there to tell you that someone has sent you a friend request and the ball is in your court to make a decision.

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The confusing X next to Snapchat name on your screen should be no more puzzling you. We have made it clear what it denotes and what you can do about it next time you see it on your screen. This new friend request indicator on Snapchat should bother you no more now. Thanks for reading.

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