You Are Like Papa Trend on TikTok Meaning, History & Fine Points

The You Are Like Papa Trend on TikTok has been trending for days now and has accumulated millions of views on the platform. But do you know what is your like my papa trend and where it comes from? No, then you are in the right place to all get details and understand the context.

This is one of the hottest trends at the moment on this globally famous video-sharing platform and it is about a dialog from the very popular Netflix series Stranger Things. The dialog got fame as a meme on various social platforms and now is viral among TikTok users.

Recently trends like Protein Bor, 5 to 9 Routine, Symbol Name, and multiple others have dominated on TikTok with billions of views. You are like my papa Stranger Things scene is not far behind as it has been followed by global TikTok users.

What is You Are Like Papa Trend on TikTok

The You are Like Papa meaning refers to a scene from the Stranger Things season 2 episode 5 in which Hopper imposed very tough parenting sanctions on Eleven after she returned from being hidden for almost a year and needed to shield her from Hawkins Lab, from where she escaped.

Screenshot of You Are Like Papa Trend on TikTok

This is a very intense scene as Hopper appears to be very angry with her actions and tells her “you have to recognize that your actions have repercussions.” Then pull out the wire from the TV in anger and says you have been banned from watching TV for a month.

In her response, she says “You are like Papa!” and that is the dialog used by many content creators to show different situations. Many of the users made videos of the same sound from the season showing their acting skills.

The videos are available under the hashtag #youarelikepapa and if you want to be part of you this trend then make a video using the sound or concept then the post is under this particular hashtag. More the 50,000 clips have been made on TikTok based on this Stranger Things dialog.

You Are Like Papa Trend on TikTok Origin & Rise

This trend at first is used as a meme to express different scenarios of a person’s life and there are a good number of memes based on You are like papa meme on social platforms. Now the trend is shifted to TikTok with a massive number of users getting involved.

On July 25, 2022, a user called @hotgorlsomer posted a video captioning You’re like papa is the worst trend on TikTok. Likewise, other users joined the party and made all types of clips portraying different concepts.

Some of the content creators mocked each other in the clips by focusing on the “You must face the consequences” part of the scene. A Tiktoker with the user name @edenkyonas used the sound of the scene to show various scenarios we face on daily basis.

Most of the content is very entertaining and it is not like some of the bizarre trends we have seen on this platform previously. Stranger Things is on Netflix and it is a very famous series loved by a global audience that is also a reason for immense craze among the users towards this trend.

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Final Verdict

Well, if you were unfamiliar with the You Are Like Papa Trend on TikTok then after reading this post you will understand what is it and why its viral. That’s it for this post and in case you want share thoughts then use the comment section give below.

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