What is Zombies in China TikTok Trend? Is the News Real?

The Zombies in China TikTok Trend has created a panic among the people as it claims there will be a zombie apocalypse in China. In this article, you will get to know all the details, insights, and reactions regarding this fascinating news spread by TikTokers.

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing platform used by billions worldwide and is well known for setting all kinds of trends whether it’s controversial or adventurous. Content creators seem to grab the spotlight for many reasons.

As is the case for zombies in China that has made a lot of people worried and created a controversy. Twitter, Instagram, and numerous other social networking sites are full of discussions related to this topic and many are curious about it.

Zombies in China TikTok Trend

Are Zombies Coming in 2022? As per the latest viral TikTok trend, they are coming and the world will end soon due to a zombie apocalypse starting in China. This claim has made some people very concerned that’s why a lot of buzz has been created on the internet.

Many a time TikTok Trends are logic-less and bizarre as their main objective is to get famous by getting views by creating a controversy. We have witnessed people do crazy things for getting some extra views and fame on this platform before as well.

This is also a trend that is viral at the moment and has accumulated 4.6 million views. There are a huge number of clips made by the creators under the hashtag # zombiesinchina. Few of these videos are trending on several social platforms and netizens are genuinely concerned.

This trend originated from the piece written in 2021 named “This is how a zombie apocalypse is most likely to start in China.” It portrays a picture that suggests countries like China is going to be a place where the zombie outbreak will start and cause big problems for the people.

It all started when a user called monique.sky posted a clip asking if the rumor is correct. The clip went viral and recorded 600,000 views in a short time. Afterward, other users also joined the trend and posted all types of clips related to it.

Zombies in China TikTok Insights & Reactions

Screenshot of  Zombies in China TikTok Trend

Since getting viral this trend has been the talking point on social platforms and people are posting their reactions. Many came on Twitter to have discussions about the trend, for example, a user asked “Is there actually zombies in China?” another user twitted “I’m not trying to scare anyone but why are there people on TikTok saying there are zombies in China?”

After watching some of the Zombies in China TikTok video posted on TikTok a Twitter user twitted “If those dead people start walking around, I’m going to Mars.” As always many of them took it as a joke and have made fun of it by publishing related memes. The real reason behind some people getting panic is the tough memories of the Covid 19 outbreak. The pandemic also started in China and reached all across the globe causing chaos worldwide.

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Final Words

Well, TikTok is a platform where anything can happen and any concept can start trending just like the Zombies in China TikTok. We have provided all the details and information regarding it so for now we sign off, enjoy the read.

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