Aulia Salsa TikTok Controversy Explained

The Aulia Salsa TikTok account is under a lot of criticism after the video content posted by the user well known as Aulia Salsa. We are here with the details related to this story and the reasons why people are so angry about it.

TikTok is one of the most used video-sharing platforms where you will find all kinds of video content. People do crazy things on this app and are in the headlines sometimes for good actions and sometimes for wrong reasons.

As a creator, you must be careful of what kind of content you are creating and make sure that you don’t hurt the sentiments of other users. In Aulia’s case, she made a huge blunder by posting content that angered and hurt the sentiments of some people.

Aulia Salsa TikTok

Aulia Salsa Marpaung is a TikTok star in the news and discussions for creating a video that boiled many heads. She has been trending on various platforms for posting a video in which she wearing a hijab and showing her bikini.

In the video, she is wearing a hijab and a dress that doesn’t go with the hijab. The most bizarre part is that she shows her bikini and dancing as girls do in bars to tease men. The public is not satisfied with these actions and bashing her for wearing a hijab.

Screenshot of Aulia Salsa TikTok

People sometimes do very pathetic and shameless actions to get attention on these platforms and this video is certainly meant to do that. Before this video, many followers complain to her about creating vulgar and sexually teasing content.

This video was the icing on the cake for making the audience more critical and angrier. Many users took Twitter to slam her actions and it remained a hot topic on the platform. The Muslim community holds great respect for the hijab therefore its usage for this type of content hurt their sentiments.

Who Is Aulia Salsa on TikTok?

Who Is Aulia Salsa on TikTok

Aulia Salsa Marpaung (ASM) is a TikTok user and content maker on this particular platform. She is not by any means a very famous celebrity but her actions in the video brought her to the limelight. She is known for creating vulgar and bizarre content.

The TikTok ASM account is on fire for wrongdoings. The content is considered to violate the Islamic teachings of a woman who uses a hijab. Most of the celebrities belonging to this community are also really furious.

The celebrities discussed this situation on various social media networks and urged women who create this type of stuff to not use the hijab. If you want to use a hijab just use it with its real essence and use it for the purpose it is actually made to achieve.

The video was flooded with thousands of scathing comments from the followers and other users. They condemned her actions quoting this as the wrong use of the hijab and that people must stop using it for such reasons.

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Final Words

Well, Aulia Salsa TikTok account is getting a bashing from all over the world due to the ill use of the hijab which has very significant value among the Muslim community. Share your feeling in the comment section below for now we say goodbye.

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