Open EML File: The Complete Guide

Many of you have seen this file on Windows PC and wondered how to open this extension. Today we are here with the solutions to this Open EML File troubles. You can launch these extension formats in many ways that are discussed below.

Open an especially made extension format requires another software in many cases and to launch an EML there are various possibilities.  For whatever reason having EML files on your PC makes you wonder how to open these extension types.

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Open EML File

In this article, you are going to learn about the various procedures to launch these particular package formats and you will get to know what is the exact purpose of these format types. There are various ways to launch a file type like this on numerous devices.

Many devices have default applications to do this job and some you can use a third-party application to provide you this service. All the possible ways to open these file types are discussed in the below sections so, follow and read this post carefully.

What is EML File?

Before discussing the procedure to launch these package types, you should know what exactly is an EML File? So, Electronic Mail Format (EML) is an extension format developed by the famous Microsoft for Outlook and Outlook Express.

These package types store a message as well as the sender, recipient, date, and the subject of the mail. This extension package is supported by HCL Notes, MS Outlook, Apple Mail, and many other programs. It is the standard format used by MS Outlook Express and numerous other Email apps.

These format types come with .eml extension and are saved according to the standard MIME RFC 822 format. It contains ASCII text of the header content and the main body might contain attachments and hyperlinks.

So, it is a simple extension format that contains basic Email elements and data and can be opened using many programs.

How to Open EML File?

How to Open EML File

Here we are going to discuss numerous procedures or ways to open these package types. As we have already told you that you can launch these package formats using various methods on various programs.
This is a step-by-step procedure to open these format types on windows OS using various applications.

Step 1

Firstly, go to the folder where this extension type is located on your PC and select the file you want to launch.

Step 2

Now right-click on the file and a window will open with many options to launch it.

Step 3

There are a number of apps and default applications such as Mail, Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, MS Word, and many more.

Step 4

Now click the program you want to launch this .eml extension with and the package type will open. Note that you make this any program default on to directly launch these package types by clicking on them.

In this way, you can launch this package format on the Windows operating system using various programs. You can also set a default program of your choice when you first install the Windows OS on your PC and click on the particular file to launch it directly.

Opening the EML File on macOS

On Mac computers, the extension type will be saved as an EMLX extension and several Apple apps provide these services like Apple Mail, macOS Outlook, etc. Just follow the below procedure to open EMLX format type on Mac PCs.

  • If you want to just preview the package type, select and just click the spacebar button on the keyboard. This option will provide the preview service and you won’t be able to access the attachments.
  • To launch the extension type to access all the attached documents and text parts just launch through the above-mentioned programs.
  • We opening part of the procedure is similar to the steps mentioned for Windows OS so, execute the steps.

In this way, you can achieve this objective of opening EML format type on numerous OS-supported PCs.

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Final Words

Well, we have provided all the procedures to launch the particular format types and functionalities of these particular package types so, Open EML File should not be a concern whenever you see a package format like this.

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