What is Grimace Shake Meme Trend on TikTok As Limited Edition Purple Shake Goes Viral

Grimace McDonald’s Cartoon has surged in popularity on TikTok, as users have transformed the purple beverage into a viral meme that has quickly become an online trend. Learn what is Grimace Shake Meme Trend on TikTok and the story behind the trend.

Scrolling down TikTok and Twitter, you might have seen memes related to McDonald’s iconic mascot Grimace. It has taken the internet by storm since the company bought the purple mascot back for marketing purposes.

These days purple drinks are really popular and McDonald’s wanted to join in on the trend. So, they introduced their limited-time Grimace Shake, which is a purple drink. As a way to celebrate Grimace’s birthday, McDonald’s introduced a special Grimace birthday meal which included the Grimace Shake as a part of the celebration.

What is Grimace Shake Meme Trend on TikTok

The Grimace shake 2023 s a yummy vanilla shake with a berry flavor added to it. It’s made purple to match Grimace’s famous color and to give it a sweet and fun touch. McDonald’s added this drink to celebrate the birthday of the Grimace character that has been part of many ads released by this company.

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The Grimace Shake trend is all about people trying the Grimace Shake and collapsing into strange positions with the drink half poured onto them. The trend is about creating a funny scene where you pretend to be part of a crime scene, acting as the victim who had a terrible experience after drinking the popular purple shake.

There are many videos available on TikTok and Twitter as the Grimace Shake is been used as meme material. Some people on TikTok dressed up in crazy costumes to get the meal and one person even got a tattoo to show their love for the purple furry creature that nobody knows where it came from.


New mcdonalds grimace birthday meal and shake! grimace tastes so good 🥰 mcdonalds food

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The purple blob cartoon made a comeback on Grimace’s birthday on June 12. On that day, McDonald released the Grimace Birthday meal with the addition of a purple-colored milkshake. As always the audience have mixed feeling about the shake which made them share their thoughts about it on social media.

In addition to the meal, customers can have fun playing a Game Boy Color game by visiting the official website of McDonald’s. According to the game description on the website, “Help Grimace find his friends in time to blow the candles out, and collect enough birthday shakes for his guests along the way!”

Who is Grimace and Its Connection with McDonald’s

Grimace is a very old character used by McDonald’s for marketing. In 1971, the character named “Evil Grimace” was introduced. He was a monster with four arms who liked to steal milkshakes. He became part of a group of other McDonald’s characters, including the Hamburglar, Officer Big Mac, and Mayor McCheese.

It was known as Ronald McDonald’s closest friend. In fact, in 2022 when McDonald’s introduced their adult happy meal, Grimace was one of the toys that they sold. Grimace’s first appearance was too frightening for kids, so his design was changed. He transformed into a silly, fluffy purple character and became a part of a big family that lives on Grimace Island as per Washingtonian.

Therefore, to celebrate the character’s birthday McDonald’s limited-edition birthday meal was introduced. The meal includes options like a Big Mac or a 10-piece chicken McNugget, along with fries and the purple shake for you to choose from.

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Final Words

As mentioned earlier in the post, we have explained what is Grimace Shake Meme Trend on TikTok and provided details about the origin of the trend. It has taken over TikTok and Twitter as you will witness a lot of posts regarding the purple shake with the majority of them being memes.

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