Notable 7 Guinness World Records Held by Lionel Messi As He Celebrates His 36th Birthday Today & Set Leave Europe

The Argentine magician and legend Lionel Messi is turning 36 today. His incredible career will be hard to match by any other player as he holds a huge number of records as a player. His name is also part of the Guinness World Records book for several achievements. Here you get to know all the 7 Guinness World Records Held by Lionel Messi.

The 36-year-old Leo Messi is moving to the USA as he is joining the Major League Soccer (MLS) side Inter Miami. But his legacy in Europe is undeniable and full of amazing achievements. Messi has won it all after leading Argentina’s World Cup 2022 triumph in Qatar last year.

The Former Barcelona and PSG player has the record of winning the most trophies by a single player. He has won 42 trophies for the clubs and country which include 4 champion leagues, 12 league titles, and a World Cup. But which of these records are part of the Guinness World Records? Here is the full collection of records.

Notable 7 Guinness World Records Held by Lionel Messi

The Argentinean player a blessing for football and has been breaking many records since he started playing over 15 years ago. He is the greatest player in Barcelona’s long history and probably the greatest football player of all time when you look at his achievements. His name is in the Guinness World Records Book for 7 different achievements which itself is an accomplishment.

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1 – Most Goals in a Single UEFA Champions League Game

The Argentine is a freak when it comes to scoring goals as he has the goal-per-game ratio. Against the Bundesliga side Bayern 04 Leverkusen he scored five goals in a single match at Camp Nou on 7 March 2012. The German club was one of the form sides in the league that year but Lionel Messi single-handedly destroy them netting 5 goals as Barcelona won the match 7-1.

He was the first ever football player to net 5 goals in a single UCL game therefore he holds the Guinness World Record for this particular achievement.

2 – Most Goals Scored by a Substitute in a Copa America Match

The Argentine maestro netted a hat trick coming off the bench in a Copa America game against Panama on 10th June 2016. It was also the first time anyone has scored 3 goals as a substitute in the long history of Copa America. Argentina won that game 5-0 and Messi again made it to the record books.

3 – Youngest to 50 UCL Goals

Leo Messi reached 50 Champions League goals when he was 24 years old. He achieved this record during the quarter-final clash against AC Milan, where he netted a brace in Barcelona’s 3-1 win. In the long history of the UEFA Champions League, no other players reach the 50 goals mark at such a young age.

4 – Most Video Game Cover Appearances

Most Video Game Cover Appearances

Messi is the player who appears the most on the covers of football video games like FIFA and PES. Messi has been on the covers of 10 games, including PES 2009, PES 2010, PES 2011, FIFA Street, FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, PES 17, and the PES 18 Legendary Edition.

5 – Footballer with the Highest Annual Earnings

Messi, at 35 years old, was the player who earns the most money. In the last previous two seasons, his rival Cristiano Ronaldo held that record. Messi made $80 million every year from playing and he got an extra $27 million from endorsement deals with companies like Adidas, Gatorade, Pepsi, and Huawei, among others.

6 – Most Number of Appearances In Laliga by a Foreign Player

During his time playing for Barcelona from 2004 to 2021, Messi played in 520 matches in La Liga. This made him the foreign player with the most appearances in the esteemed Spanish league. Alongside his impressive achievement of scoring 474 goals in the league, Messi’s influence and importance in La Liga have been unmatched.

7 – Most World Cup MOTM Awards with 11 to His Name

The Argentine legend who led his team to World Cup glory in 2022 has won 11 man-of-the-match awards which is the highest number of any player. Lionel Messi has appeared in 4 World Cups in his career for Argentine winning one in 2022 and reaching the final in 2014.

Most World Cup MOTM Awards

Messi leaving Europe for Inter Miami has no doubt surprised many football fans because he is still one of the best players in the world. Still, the 7 Guinness World Records Held by Lionel Messi for FC Barcelona and Argentina will be hard to beat for any player in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Guinness World Records does Messi have?

According to data available Guinness website, Messi has 60 Guinness World Records to his name.

Who holds the most Guinness records?

Ashrita Furman the New York-based health food store manager has over 600 official records to his name.


As promised, we have provided details about the 7 Guinness World Records Held by Lionel Messi. Appearing in the Guinness World Record for one achievement is considered a great accomplishment and Lionel Messi has already been named in the record book for seven different achievements.  

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