Explained What is TikTok Viral Open or Closed Bottle Game & How to Play It

A lot of people want to know what is TikTok viral Open or Closed Bottle game due to confusion regarding its rules. Therefore, we will examine the new viral trend that got millions of views and explain how it works.

From time to time, there is something new going on in the form of trends on TikTok. The video-sharing platform is popular for being the architect of viral trends and the Open or Closed Bottle game trend is the newest in the long list since the release of the platform.

When you first witness a video of people playing this game, you might get confused because the answers you hear look correct but it is actually wrong. Here is everything you should know about the TikTok open or close bottle game.

What is TikTok Viral Open or Closed Bottle Game

The viral Open or Close Bottle game riddle is all about concentrating on a person who is asking the question of whether the bottle is open or closed. In this popular TikTok trend, you witness someone spinning a bottle in their hand before turning to another person and asking whether they believe the bottle is open or closed.

Screenshot of What is TikTok Viral Open or Closed Bottle Game

Normally, every person will look at the bottle, and check if the cap is open or not. That’s the fun part of the game as the answer to the question is not in the person’s hand. The person who asks the question will either keep his mouth open after asking the question or keep it shut. Those who answer will have to concentrate on the other person’s actions as they will try to provide hints.

In simple words, the game is about one person holding a water bottle and quizzing another on whether it’s closed or open. The second person assumes the inquiry concerns the bottle cap, unaware that it actually refers to the bottle’s mouth. The person holds the bottle to divert the other person’s attention away from their own mouth.

It means when the person holding the bottle asks someone else if it’s closed or open, they are talking about their mouth, not the bottle cap. But the other person might think they are talking about the bottle cap instead. The game has become viral among TikTok users as they are playing it with different people to know if they can guess what it is all about.

How to Play TikTok Viral Open or Closed Bottle Game

Here is how you can play this game and do the TikTok open or closed bottle game trend.

  • Firstly, get a bottle and a person whom you want to play this game with
  • Now keep the bottle in hand and ask the other person whether it is closed or open.
  • Try to distract the person by moving your hand and keeping your mouth shut or open after asking the question
  • Just keep asking them the same question until they understand what you are talking about and answer you correctly
  • Make a video recording of the game and post it on your TikTok adding a catchy caption along with music if you want to do the Viral Open or Closed Bottle Game trend

Just remember the game rules If the person holding the bottle says it’s closed, their mouth will always be closed regardless of how they hold the bottle. But If their mouth is a little bit open, then no matter how they hold the bottle, the answer is open.

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As promised, we have explained what is TikTok viral Open or Closed Bottle game and how to play it as many users were confused about its rules. The viral game already generated millions of views and people are having fun trying it on with friends or family.

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