Anime Fantasy Simulator Codes February 2024 – Claim Useful Rewards

Searching for the latest and working Anime Fantasy Simulator Codes? Then you are in the right place to know everything about them. We have a collection of codes for Anime Fantasy Simulator Roblox that are usable currently and can get you freebies like gems, potions, and much more.

If you like playing anime-style fighting games, you should try playing the Roblox Anime Fantasy Simulator. Developed by Speed Block, the game was first released in November 2023. It has already made a name for itself on the platform getting positive responses from the users.

In this fighting Roblox experience, you will be picking a character from your favorite anime series and building your team. You go to different places, beat bad guys, and get them to join you. When you fight and finish quests, you get gems and cash that help you become stronger. You can use these to get better skills and go to new areas in-game.

What are Anime Fantasy Simulator Codes

All the UPD 6 Anime Fantasy Simulator codes can be checked here along with significant details. We will share the information related to the rewards associated with each code and explain how to use them to unlock rewards.

In this game, using codes will grant you gems and other rewards that you can use to customize the characters in-game and make them more skillful. The players can also grab some free stat-boosting Potions and other valuable resources which include numerous fragments.

Redeem codes for games are unique mixes of letters and numbers. You can enter them into the recommended area in the game to unlock special stuff such as new features or items. The game developers create and distribute these codes to give players complimentary rewards.

Gamers are always on the lookout for freebies browsing the web for codes to secure them. Luckily, you don’t need to search far because our webpage has the latest codes for this game and other Roblox titles. Make sure to visit our website frequently and bookmark it for easy access.

Roblox Anime Fantasy Simulator Codes 2024 February

The following list has all the functional codes for this game along with freebies information.

Active Codes List

  • PASSIVES—Redeem for 5 Nuts and 2 Arrows (New)
  • FIXQUEST—Redeem for 5 Grimoire Fragments, 5 Kagune Fragments, and 10 Curse Souls (New)
  • 10KFAV—Redeem for 5 Damage and 5 Power Potions (New)
  • BALANCE—Redeem for 1 Damage Potion and 2 Power Potions
  • 10KLIKES—Redeem for 10 Kagune Fragments
  • KAGUNEFIX—Redeem for 4 Kagune Fragments
  • Medtwyt—Redeem for 1 Power Potion
  • GHOULISLAND—Redeem for 1 Power Potion and 1 Damage Potion
  • 8KLIKES—Redeem for 1 Luck Potion and 2 Grimoire Fragments
  • SORRYFORSHUTODWN—Redeem for 4 Damage Potions and 4 Power Potions
  • CLOVERISLAND—Redeem for 2 Luck Potions and 2 Gem Potions
  • TheTower—Redeem for 1 Luck Potion and 2 Grimoire Fragment
  • SLIMEISLAND—Redeem for 2 Damage Potions and 1 Power Potion

Expired Codes List

  • FantasyRelease
  • Update1
  • 1500LIKES
  • 6KLIKES – rewards

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Fantasy Simulator Roblox

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Fantasy Simulator Roblox

This is how you can use a code in this game.

Step 1

Open the Anime Fantasy Simulator on your device.

Step 2

Click/tap the red shopping basket on the left of the screen.

Step 3

Now scroll down until the Enter Code window appears on the screen.

Step 4

Enter the code into the box or use the copy-paste command to put it in the box.

Step 5

Click/tap the Redeem button to unlock rewards.

Active codes have a limited time span before they expire and become inactive. Additionally, once a code reaches its maximum redemption limit, it ceases to work. Therefore, it’s crucial to redeem codes as soon as you can.

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When you use Anime Fantasy Simulator Codes 2024, you will get great rewards. Just redeem the freebies to claim them. Follow the steps mentioned above to get rewards on offer. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box. We are here to assist you!

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