Blade Ball Codes October 2023 – Get Coins & Other Handy Items

We will provide a complete collection of Blade Ball Codes that are working and will get you some significant free rewards. The new codes for Blade Ball Roblox come with some handy items like coins, skins, and several other freebies. All you need to do is redeem each code in-game to claim the items and resources.

Blade Ball is a popular fighting game on the Roblox platform by Wiggity. It is one of the recently released games on the platform which has achieved tremendous popularity within a few months. The game was first released in June 2023 and when we last checked it had over 445 million visits along with 120k favorites.

In the thrilling Roblox experience, players need to dodge a deflectable homing ball which comes at high speed hunting them. Players can have as many games as they want against each other. They can use their skills and blocks to control the ball that chases the target. Climb up the ladder by getting really good at your skills and gaining new abilities. Show off with legendary weapon designs and finishing moves.

What are Blade Ball Codes

Here we will present all the information regarding the Blade Ball Roblox codes in which you will learn about all the active codes and the rewards on offer. Also, you will get to know how they work along with the redemption procedure you need to execute to acquire the freebies.

Like hundreds of other Roblox game developers, Wiggity is giving out redeem codes. These codes have letters and numbers and can be any length. The digits in the code usually relate to something in the game, like a new update or a special achievement.

Redeeming them unlocks hidden characters, levels, currency, or other fruitful items that are normally not easy to get in the game. It may be possible for you to acquire the abilities of the character in the game that you were always wishing you had but could not get it.

You can redeem these alphanumeric combinations in-game in the designated area where you have to enter the code in the way provided by the developer. A code is case-sensitive and can be redeemed once per account and it is mandatory to redeem them on time as some of these are time-limited.

Roblox Blade Ball Codes 2023 October

Here is the list containing all the working codes for Blade Ball 2023 along with information regarding the freebies.

Active Codes List

  • WEEK4 – Redeem code for unique sword skin (NEW)
  • SORRY4DELAY – Redeem code for free rewards (NEW)

Expired Codes List

  • 200KLIKES – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 50000LIKES – Redeem code for free rewards
  • SITDOWN – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 10000LIKES – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 5000LIKES – Redeem code for free rewards
  • ThxForSupport – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 1000LIKES – Redeem code for free rewards
  • UPDATETHREE – Redeem code for a free wheel spin
  • 1MLIKES – Redeem code for free coins
  • HOTDOG10K – Redeem code for a unique sword skin
  • 500K – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 10KFOLLOWERZ – Redeem code for a unique sword skin
  • FORTUNE – Redeem code for free rewards

How to Redeem Codes in Blade Ball

How to Redeem Codes in Blade Ball

Just follow the instructions given in the steps to redeem the rewards associated with each working code.

Step 1

To begin with, launch Blade Ball on your device using the Roblox app or its website.

Step 2

Once the game is loaded, tap/click on the Extra button at the top left of the screen.

Step 3

Then click/tap the Codes button.

Step 4

Now a redemption window will appear on your screen where you have to enter a working code.

Step 5

After entering the code into the recommended textbox, click/tap the Enter button to receive the rewards.

Remember it is mandatory for players to redeem their codes before the time limit is over, as a code is only valid for a certain period of time set by the developer. Also, once the alphanumeric combinations reach their maximum redemptions, they will no longer be valid.

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The Blade Ball Codes 2023 collection will certainly provide you with some useful free stuff. You can redeem them using the procedure mentioned above and then play with the freebies you receive. That’s all for this post. Feel free to share your views and queries in the comment section.

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