Did Michael Peterson Kill His Wife Kathleen Peterson? Full Story

Due to The Staircase majority of people will know how did Michael Peterson Kill His Wife Kathleen Peterson but the important question is that did he killed her in real life as it is based on the true story. In this post, you will get to know all the insights, confessions, and information related to this particular case.

The Staircase is eight-part series airing on HBO Max and it is inspired by a dramatic real-life case of Michael Peterson who is accused of killing his wife. His wife’s name was Kathleen who was found dead on 9th December 2001. Her body had various injuries when law enforcement agencies first collected her body.

Did Michael Peterson Kill His Wife Kathleen Peterson

The tragic eyewitness was Michael Peterson who first call 911 and told the police that his wife fell down the stair and died. The eyewitness became the prime suspect when the police found out there was much more to Kathleen’s injuries than simply taking a tumble down 15 steps.

Real-life stories have huge demand in the TV world and people remain glued to their television sets when a case that happened in real-world appears on TV. Netflix was the first platform to release a documentary series based on this particular murder also called “The Staircase”.

The series is still available on Netflix but the important question is whether Peterson killed Kathleen or not and if he did what happened to him. What are the reasons behind her murder and what police have found that made Peterson the prime suspect? All these queries are going to be answered in the next sections of the article.

Did Michael Peterson Confess?

Did Michael Peterson Confess

Michael Peterson is a novelist who had been accused of killing his wife. The incident happened on December 9, 2001, when Peterson called 911 to tell them that his wife was no more after falling down the stairs. He told them that his wife was drunk and she had alcohol and Valium intake.

The police arrived at his house to check the dead body and found suspicious injuries on her body and a large amount of blood around her dead body. This turned the tables around for Peterson as he become the suspect. Kathleen’s body was examined and the reports revealed that she was brutally hit to death with a blunt object.

There is no other person in the house when the incident happened so all eyes were directed toward Peterson and police started to investigate declaring it a murder case. Then Peterson was taken to the court and he in court proceedings never confessed he killed his wife. To the present, he maintains his position saying he is innocent and calls it an accident due to overuse of alcohol.

Did Michael Peterson Get Convicted?

You may be wondering where he is now and Is Michael Peterson In Jail. The court proceedings and various investigations revealed that his wife found pictures of naked men on his computer and emails to a male escort. Therefore, it is claimed that he killed he bludgeoned her to death with a metal tube for stoking the fire.

Michael always denied these reports saying that all these are false accusations and he never had a conversation with Kathleen about his sexuality on the night she died. Speaking about the night she died he presented his own theory stating:

Did Michael Peterson Get Convicted

“Pathologists looked at all the evidence and said ‘no, she was not beaten to death and I could never figure it out [what happened]… my understanding of it was, and it’s hard to believe this, but it was over 20 years ago, but the theory was that yes she fell but she tried to get up and slipped in all the blood.”

He also told, “I don’t know what it was or what happened to her. There are numerous theories, but I think she fell — she had alcohol, she had valium, flexerole. I don’t know, I honestly, I wish I could tell you”.

The case ended in 2003 when the jury found the evidence enough to convict Michael of first-degree murder and he was sent to jail for life for killing his wife. To this day he believes he is innocent of any crime and he would never do such a thing like that.

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Did Michael Peterson Kill His Wife Kathleen Peterson is not a mystery anymore as we have presented all the details, information, insights, and news regarding this harrowing murder case. That’s it for this one for now we sign off.

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