How to Access Google Bard AI As The Tech Giant Expanded Its Accessibility To 180 Countries

AI tool’s usability is increasing with each passing day and people are becoming addicted to them. The tech giant Google introduced Bard AI to compete with the popular OpenAI ChatGPT. At first, it was only accessible in US and UK but now Google has expanded its access to 180 countries. So, many users are unaware of how to access Google Bard AI and use the chatbot where the AI tool is available.

Humans are rapidly moving toward AI chatbots to ask queries and find solutions. The popularity of ChatGPT has changed the game and made other tech giants introduce their own AI tools. Google didn’t sit back either and launched the Bard AI to facilitate the users.

Google Bard is a helpful computer program that acts like a chatbot. It can create all sorts of text, like letters, school assignments, computer code, Excel formulas, answers to questions, and translations. Just like ChatGPT, Bard uses artificial intelligence to have conversations that sound like they’re coming from a real person.

How to Access Google Bard AI

Bard vs ChatGPT will be a fascinating contest of two featureful chatbots. The OpenAI ChatGPT has already made its presence felt by providing continuous upgrades and improved features. The Google Bard AI has only started its journey and it was limited to UK & US when it was launched. But at the Google I/O event a few days back, Google introduced an upgraded version of its Generative AI named Bard. Bard is similar to Bing AI and ChatGPT. Additionally, the company announced that Bard AI is now accessible in 180 countries.

Screenshot of How to Access Google Bard AI

Now that it is available to your country you don’t have to use VPN and proxy server to access the Bard AI. The following steps will guide you through the process of accessing the Bard AI created by Google.

  1. First of all, head over to the Google Bard website
  2. On the homepage, click/tap the Sign In option located at the top right of the page
  3. Now use your Google Account to complete Google Bard AI Sign Up
  4. Once the Sign Up is complete, you will be directed to the Bard AI main page
  5. Finally, you can use the AI chatbot by entering the queries into the recommended text box

In case the Google AI chatbot is still not accessible from the country you belong then you use VPN to change your location to a country where it is available now and use the tool. The process is similar you have to sign up first with your Google account to be able to access the chatbot.

How to Use Google Bard AI

We have explained how to access the Google AI chatbot Bard, here we will discuss how to Google Bard so that you will have no problems when asking something from the AI tool. Once you completed the sign-up process, just follow the instruction below to use it.

How to Use Google Bard AI
  • On the page, you will see a textbox with the label “Enter a prompt here” just like when you use the ChatGPT AI tool
  • Just enter your query into the textbox and press the Enter button on your keyboard
  • In response, the Bard will provide the answers to your query

The biggest difference between Bard AI and ChatGPT is that Bard AI is more up-to-date with information. It can generate real-time information regarding ongoing events as well. If you are facing any other difficulties while using the Bard AI, go to the Help & Support option by clicking/tapping the button available in the Menu.

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Well, the Google Bard AI chatbot is now available to more users as it is now accessible in 180 countries all across the globe. After reading this post, how to Access Google Bard AI and use it will not be a concern anymore as we have explained them all and provided all significant details.

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