How to Get to The Mist Fields in God of War Ragnarok – Know All About the Mist Fields Location

God of War Ragnarok is a compelling action-adventure game in which you can explore many locations by leveling up in-game. To unlock these locations, you need to complete missions, destroy enemies, and reach a certain level as well. Today, we will discuss how to get to the mist fields in God of War Ragnarok and provide all the information about this location.

God of War Ragnarok is a thrilling combat experience developed by Santa Monica Studio. The game is available on PS4 and PS5. It was first released in November 2022 and it is the ninth installment of the amazing God of War series.

In this fascinating combat game, you will explore risky and beautiful landscapes encountering different enemy creatures and monsters. Additionally, there are numerous items to gather, quests to participate in, and individuals to assist. Kratos and Atreus embark on a journey through a challenging realm populated by lesser gods, navigating its hostility as they progress in the story.

How to Get to The Mist Fields in God of War Ragnarok

The Mist Fields is a small area in God of War Ragnarok Niflheim. In God of War Ragnarok, Mist Fields contain valuable collectibles that players can gather for useful items and use them in later stages. Within the Mist Fields, you can find two collectibles, the Nine Realms in Bloom (Frostfinger flower) and the Berserker Gravestone. You can only access this location once you’ve finished the main storyline of the game.

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God of War Ragnarok: How to Get to Mist Fields

Here is how a player can reach the mist fields in the game.

Complete the Main Storyline

Players need to finish “The Realms at War” the main storyline to be able to get to the fields. Once you have completed it, visit the Niflheim location in the game.

Travel to Niflheim

To reach the Mist Fields, players need to go to Niflheim first. Look for the gateway below the Raven Tree on the map to get the directions.

Go to Sindri’s House

Head to Sindri’s House located between the realms and have a conversation with Ratatoskr who is perched on the branch to the left of the house. Summon Ratatoskr by ringing the bell in front of you.

Pick up the Yggdrasil Seeds

Players need to grab the bag of Yggdrasil seeds. Ratatoskr will give you a bag of Yggdrasil seeds. These seeds open up new magical gateways in different places, like the Mist Fields in Niflheim, that you couldn’t reach before.

Unlock the Mystic Gateway

Players need to open a special gateway called a Mystic Gateway, so they can travel through the nine realms. Select Niflheim and go to the Mist Fields mystic gateway. It is a small area with some handy collectibles for the players.

What is the Use of Mist Fields Collectibles in God of War Ragnarok

The players will find two collectibles in Mist Fields the Nine Realms in Bloom (Frostfinger flower) and the Berserker Gravestone. The Frostfinger Flower can be found next to the last mystic gateway that appears once you finish the main story. It’s cool because there are swords stuck in the ground around the flower and those swords show you where the flower is.

From the Mist Fields mystic gateway, head to the right and follow the path downhill to discover a Berserker Gravestone. You can interact with Berserker Gravestone to pick up the collectible named Berserker’s Gauntlet. It is located in an open area after going through the stone pillars with the Berserker’s Gravestone in the middle.

Both items can help you in the later stages of your journey in the God of War Ragnarok!

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Now that we have explained how to get to the mist fields in God of War Ragnarok hopefully you will have no problems claiming the collectibles available in the location. The guide will assist you in reaching the Mist Fields in-game and help you understand its importance.

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