NYT Connections Today Answer & Hints, How to Play, Fine Points

Looking for hints and answers for NYT Connections Today? Then you have come to the right place to know everything about today’s NYT connections. It’s game word game where you have to group four words belonging to a common theme.

After the worldwide popularity of Wordle, the New York Times has introduced a new word game called Connections. The game has become an instant hit and gained a lot of attention in the last few months. It is available on the NYT website and you can easily access it without any requirements.

The theme of the game resembles Wordle which is a five-letter word guessing experience. Like Wordle, connection offers a single challenge daily in which players are tasked to make four groups of connecting words. The players can only make four mistakes and more than four wrong submissions mean you lose the game.

NYT Connections Today

In every puzzle of NYT Connections, you’ll find a set of 16 words categorized into four groups for each puzzle. Players have to arrange the words into four sets of four, ensuring that each set shares a common theme. Your job is to find out what ideas or topics (Categories) connect these words together. In this guide, we will provide connections hints for today along with the answers.

NYT Connections Today Hints

Well, we will give you hints about the categories of each group here. Surely, you know all the words given in the puzzle for today’s connections. By analyzing all of them we have made categories which are given below.

  1. Yellow: Ignite
  2. Green: Information
  3. Blue: Small Wooded Area
  4. Purple: Things with Cores

NYT Connections Today Answers (November 2, 2023)

Screenshot of NYT Connections Today

Here are verified connections answers for today:

  • Ignite: Burn, Kindle, Light, Torch
  • Information: Data, Info, Intel, News
  • Small Wooded Area: Dell, Glen, Hollow, Valley
  • Things with Cores: Apple, Computer, Planet, Reactor

NYT Connections Answer (November 1, 2023)

  • Social Media Actions: FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE
  • Use A Needle and Thread: DARN, HEM, SEAM, SEW
  • Shows Set in Hospitals: ER, HOUSE, RATCHED, SCRUBS
  • Expressions of Hesitation: ERM, UH, UM, WELL

How to Play NYT Connections Game

How to Play NYT Connections Game

If you are new to this New York Times puzzle game connections and want to understand the rules of the game, follow the instructions given here.

  • Head over to the NYT website
  • Click/tap the Play button option
  • Then the rules of the game appear on the screen so just read them and once you understand the gameplay just close the how to play window
  • Now check all 16 words and analyze them. Try to categorize the words with some sort of connections
  • Once you are confident that these four words belong to the same category, select them by tapping on them and then click/tap the submit.
  • If the words are rightly grouped, a group will appear on the screen with a particular color and group name
  • If the you have wrongly selected the four words, the screen will remain the same and it will count as one mistake
  • Note that only four mistakes are allowed for the players. In case of fail to find the right groups after four mistakes you will lose the game and the Connections answer with the correct groups will appear on the screen.
  • You will have to wait until the next puzzle arrives to play the game again

Remember that each set of four categories in the Connections puzzle for each day is allocated a distinct color to indicate the relative ease or difficulty of finding the corresponding Connection. These colors are Yellow (Easiest), Green (Easy), Blue (Medium), and Purple (Hardest).

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As promised, we have provided the NYT Connections Today answers and hints on this page. It’s the new viral game from the famous New York Times after Wordle. You can check all the significant details about the game in this post and learn how to play it as well.

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