Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes April 2024 – Get Amazing Rewards

All the working and new Pixel Gun Tower Defense codes that can get you some free items and resources to utilize in-game are listed here. Money doublers, Exp doublers, and many more freebies can be redeemed using these codes for Pixel Gun Tower Defense Roblox.

Pixel Gun Tower Defense (PGPT) is a popular mix of first-person shooter and tower defense gameplay which draws inspiration from the original Pixel Gun 3D launched in 2013. Developed by CDK development, it was first released in June 2021 and has over 39 million visits on the platform.

In this Roblox experience, you will strategically position your towers and enhance them to safeguard your base. With a variety of maps and weapons available, there is always something new to discover and utilize in your defense. Beat all the enemies who try to damage your base and make upgrades to your base to keep it safe.

Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes Wiki

We will provide all the PGPT codes 2024 that are functioning and tell you about the freebies on offer with each code. Also, you will get to know how to use them in-game as we want to make sure you have no issues acquiring the free rewards.

This game revolves around empowering your base to become formidable and engaging in battles against competitive adversaries armed with a vast arsenal of weapons. In the game store, a plethora of items including weapons, boosts, and other enhancements are available for purchase. However, you can acquire these items for free by utilizing codes.

A code is a mix of letters and numbers given by the game’s creators. Players use this code to get rewards. These rewards can be anything you need in the game. Also, it is an easy and popular way to unlock free stuff in the majority of the Roblox games.

In this Roblox game, keep in mind that the codes are case-sensitive which means uppercase and lowercase letters matter. Before entering them, ensure your caps lock is correctly set. Moreover, use the codes as soon as possible because they are only valid for a short duration.

Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes 2024 April

Here are all the functional codes for this particular Roblox experience along with information about the rewards.

Active Codes List

  • ihatehalloweenupdates – 1K money
  • ilovehalloweenupdates – 1500 Money Doubler
  • 70k – 1 Sniper and 200 Play Points
  • 60k – 1 Sniper and 150 Play Points
  • 50k – Sniper Rifle
  • 100LIKES – 200 Play Points
  • beginnerboost – 5 Levels, 2,500 Money Doublers, Desert Fighter Weapon, Armageddon Weapon, and Energy Shield Gadget
  • ihateaprilfools – 3x Money Boost
  • happy_bday_davin – 900 Money Doublers
  • 30mvisits!!! – 1500 Money doublers
  • bigmoney – 3K cash
  • TooMuchSecretCodes – +10$, +20 Money Doublers. +50 Exp Doubler
  • plebendos – +7 exp
  • pixelguntowerdef – 5$
  • anactualcode – 5$
  • freerewards – 10$
  • july2022 – Money doubler
  • petergriffin – Use this code to get 50 money doublers
  • money – use this code to get 50 money
  • wetakedevelopmentseriously – use this code to get 50 exp doublers

Expired Codes List

  • instant_super
  • superman_update
  • happy_bday_zake – use this code to get 400 money and 500 money doublers
  • WhenUpdate? – free items and money doubler
  • RobloxGarbageServers – 2K money doubler
  • FinalCode – free money doublers
  • MoreBalanceChanges – free money and experience doublers
  • SecretAddition – free money and money doublers
  • shut_up – use this code to 5 money, a money doubler, and an exp doubler
  • ExploiterPurchaseBug
  • UPDATE!!! – use this code to get 500 coins

How to Redeem Codes in Pixel Gun Tower Defense Roblox

How to Redeem Codes in Pixel Gun Tower Defense Roblox

Here is how players can use each code to get the rewards.

Step 1

Launch Pixel Gun Tower Defense on your device.

Step 2

Click/tap on the Codes button located on the right-hand side of the screen.

Step 3

Then copy-paste or enter a working code into the recommended box.

Step 4

Lastly, press the Enter button to collect the freebies.

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You can check out the latest Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes 2024 which can unlock free items and resources to utilize in-game as we have already shared them. Just follow the instructions given in the procedure explained above to claim the free stuff.  

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