Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena Day 7 Answers, Amazing Rewards & More

AFK Arena is a very popular RPG game based on classic and stunning artistic beauty. The game developers always introduce new ways to engage players and offer free rewards. Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena Day 7 is also a way to get some exciting freebies.

Like Free Redeem Codes the Poetic Pop Poetic Pop Quiz AFK 2022 is a unique method of earning in-game resources and items such as Diamonds, Scrolls, and much more useful stuff. In a small event where players are asked some questions about the game.

It is a daily-based challenge where players are asked 5 questions and players have to submit the answers on time within 24 hours. The questions are updated after 24 hours of releasing the previous ones. The rewards will be given based on how many queries you attempted and provided the correct answer.

Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena Day 7

In case you don’t know the solution to queries presented by the developer then don’t worry as we are going to provide the solution for every quiz. Each correct answer can acquire you a reward so, it is a very big opportunity to earn amazing freebies.

This event will last for 14 days and today is Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena Day 7. Normally, games rely upon providing redeem codes as their main option to award players free stuff but some game developer think out of the box to engage players and AFK Arena is certainly one of those adventures.

Here is an overview of the AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz.

Game NamePoetic Pop Quiz
Event NameAFK Arena
OrganizerGame developer
Duration14 days
Event TypeQuiz
Winning RewardsDiamond, Scrolls, and Several More
Number of winners Unlimited
Total Number Questions in a Quiz5

Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena Day 7 Answers

Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena

Here we will present the questions and answers of the day 7 quiz along with the other six days as well.

Day 1 Solution

Q1. Who is Fawkes – Death’s Defeat’s accomplice?

Ans — Raine – Death’s Denier

Q2. What was Oscar – The True Gentleman’s previous profession?

Ans — Hitman

Q3. After using the skill “Winds of Fury”, how many seconds is Thane – The Veiled Wind granted a shield for?

Ans — 8

Q4. What acute sense does Lyca – Keeper of Glades have that no one has?

Ans – Smell

Q5. In the current version of the game, gear can be enhanced to reach a total of how many stars?

Ans — 5 Stars

Day 2 Solution

Q1. Which of the following is NOT another name for Alna – The Frozen Mother?

Ans — The Winter Warrior

Q2. After using his Ultimate Skill “Soul Feast”, while his shield exists, how much damage does Daimon take that is intended for his allies?

Ans — 35%

Q3. What colour are Audrae – The Chaotic Star’s eyes?   

Ans — Blue

Q4. What did Rowan – The Roamer once receive as a gift?

Ans — Duck

Q5. Opening the Soren Team Hunting feature requires the expenditure of what?

Ans — Guild Activity Points

Day 3 solution

Q1. Which of the following is a bounty hunter?

Ans — Fawkes – Death’s Defeat

Q2. How many snakes has Thesku – The Serpent Charmer raised?

Ans — 4

Q3. How many Soulstones are required to summon a hero?         

Ans — 60

Q4. How much of an attribute bonus is granted for using 4 heroes of the same faction in formation together?     

Ans — 15%

Q5. What effect does Rowan – The Roamer’s Signature Item Skill have?  

Ans — Energy Recovery

Day 4 Solution

Q1. How many glasses is Dolly from the Noble Tavern holding in her hands?

Ans — 6

Q2. Which of the following has not endured the anguish of being separated from a loved one?   

Ans — Ferael – Doomwhisper

Q3. When Talene – The Resurging Flame’s skill “A New Dawn” reaches level 3, how many Accuracy points does the target lose?       

Ans — 100

Q4. At what moment did Thane – The Exalted transform into Thane – The Veiled Wind?   

Ans — When he received the Wind Emblem

Q5. To activate all Union Attribute Bonuses, heroes must reach which Ascension tier?     

Ans — Legendary+

Day 5 Solution

Q1. In the first chapter of the Library’s “Echoes of Time”, who is the sickly commander that is mentioned?

Ans — Estrilda – Knight of Valor

Q2. What is the maximum number of fireballs Astar – The Brilliant Flame’s skill “Lantern’s Flame” can produce?   

Ans — 7

Q3. Which of the following items is used to raise Engraving Levels?          

Ans — Elemental Core

Q4. What is the dummy belonging to Alaro – Desert’s Eye called?               

Ans — Zorn

Q5. Which two elements does Eironn – Stormsword’s Signature item “Elemental Blades” use?

Ans —   Ice & Wind

Day 6 Solution

Q1. What can excess Exclusive Furniture be used for?

Ans —   Strengthening Furniture

Q2. What relation is Morael – Queen of Stars to Audrae – The Chaotic Star?           

Ans — Sister

Q3. What effect does the Arcane Labyrinth’s Fountain of Vitality have?  

Ans — Replenishes 50% Health

Q4. Which of the following heroes is NOT an Elemental Guardian?            

Ans — Astar – The Brilliant Flame

Q5. What is the number of Wind Veil layers Thane – The Veiled Wind can give to his allies when he uses his Awakened skill “Wind’s Veil” at the start of battles?              

Ans — 2

Day 7 Solution

The Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena Day 7 Answers will be available here once the questions are provided by the quiz maker. So, visit this website frequently as we will cover all the day’s challenges.

AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Rewards

AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Rewards

Here we will provide the list of rewards you can acquire by participating in this competition.

  1. Answer 10 questions: 10 Common Hero Scrolls
  2. Answer 20 questions: 2000 Diamonds
  3. Answer 30 questions: 10 Faction Scrolls
  4. Answer 40 questions: 1 Reward Choice Chest

Not just these rewards when you answer a question correctly you will small rewards for each one. Choice chest reward gives you the option of choosing the desired reward from the list below.

  • 5k Poe Coins
  • 500 Twisted Essence
  • 25 Emblem Choice Chests
  • 500 Elemental Shards
  • 250 Elemental Cores

So, there is a lot on offer for the players to acquire and use the items & resources while playing. In order to participate just install this game on your device and visit the Poetic Pop Quiz option available in-game and submit your answers.

Players visit the official website of the game to check for more information regarding this contest. Keep visiting our website to find out day-wise solutions until the end of the event.

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How to participate and play this particular quiz contest is not a question anymore we have explained everything in this post. We have also presented the Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena Day 7 answers to assist you submit the correct solution.

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