PUBG New State Codes March 2022

We all know about the Players Unknowns Battlegrounds and its popularity in the gaming world. The PUBG New State is a sequel to PUBG Mobile. This recently released multiplayer online battle royale gaming experience is also very popular and we are here with PUBG New State Codes.

This gaming adventure is developed by PUBG Studios and published by the famous Krafton Company. It was released on 11th November 2021 and since then it has achieved tremendous success and millions have installed this adventure on their devices.

It has already reached 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and is played with great interest and enthusiasm. This thrilling action-adventure is available for both android and apple smartphone users.

PUBG New State Codes

In this article, you will get to know about the newest Working PUBG New State Codes and the procedure to redeem these gift codes. You can acquire some of the best in-game items and resources that you can use while playing and buying stuff from the in-app store.

This gaming adventure comes with an in-app store where you find many different items and resources to buy using in-game currencies such as silver or by using real-life money. This game has a lot of gun skins, vehicle skin, characters, and more stuff to buy.

Like several other gaming adventures, it offers many opportunities to its players to acquire free rewards and enjoy the experience more. PUBG New State Redeem Codes is a way of providing a chance for to players get the best freebies.

The difference between this game and the previous PUBG mobile is that here you will find a new main Map known as Troi. New features such as drones, shields, combat balancing abilities, Ballistic, and numerous others are also added.

PUBG New State Codes 2022 (March)

Here we are going to provide the list of Codes for PUBG New State that are working and redeemable to get many exciting rewards. These coded coupons are provided by the developers of this compelling gaming experience.

Active Coded Coupons

  • HTDS78FTU2XJ– M416 Gun Skin
  • BDGRAAZBZJGS– M416 Latest Skin
  • P8HZDBTFZ95U– Sniper Skin
  • Q12KARZBZYTR– New Parachute or Crates
  • Y12KARBYD2ER– BP Coins and Crates
  • 7TREMIK6YERU– AKM Gun Skin
  • INUTRE97YU3N– Free Crates
  • 12JUNN7GTRER– Car Skins
  • OJI87YUHITEE2– New Parachute
  • 8CUY84RG25OKW – For getting exciting new gun skins of AKM, M416, and Snipers.
  • 7IV1P1KLLOUKV – For getting new inventory, clothes, and more.
  • 6PSXNVN241BTG – For getting Premium items of PUBG New State.
  • E35KQXI8C6IH8 – For getting exciting features like Skins, layovers, and parachutes.

Currently, these are coded alphanumeric coupons available to redeem and get the following freebies on offer.

Expired Coded Coupons

  • PARTYCRATETICKET – For a free party crate
  • JOINBREXTREMENOW – For five chicken medals
  • SKULLKINGTICKET – For skull king crate

This is the list of recently expired coded coupons of this adventure.

How to Redeem Codes in PUBG New State

In this section, you are going to learn a step-by-step procedure of redeeming the active coded coupons we mentioned above and getting the following rewards. Just follow and execute the steps to get the gifts on offer.

Step 1

Firstly, Visit the PUBG New State Redemption Center to start the process. Incase you are facing trouble finding the official webpage, just click/tap here Redemption Center.

Step 2

You will see two boxes here where you have to enter your gaming account ID of this particular adventure and the active codes. You can use copy-paste function put the required data into the boxes.

Step 3

After entering both required data, just click/tap the Redeem button available on the screen to complete redeeming process.

Step 4

Lastly, launch the gaming app on your devices and visit the inbox to receive the useful freebies on offer.

In this way, you can achieve the redemption objective and acquire fruitful rewards that can increase the level of your player’s character as well as get you your favorite items in-app. You can use these resources like skins and others while playing.

Note that these coded alphanumeric coupons are valid up to a certain time limit and don’t work after the time expires. A coupon also doesn’t work when it reaches its maximum redemption so, it’s necessary to redeem them on time and as soon as possible.

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Final Words

Well, we have provided the latest working and active PUBG New State Codes with the rewards on offer. You have also learned the procedure of redeeming so, with the hope that this post will be helpful in many ways, we sign off.

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