Rohit Sharma Fans Beat a CSK Fan to Death After The Fan Celebrated Rohit Getting Out During IPL 2024 Match

In a shocking turn of events, Rohit Sharma fans beat a CSK Fan to death in Kolhapur village after the CSK fan celebrated Rohit Sharma’s wicket during the MI vs SRH match. The craze of IPL 2024 has gone beyond boundaries with many incidents happening during the first week of the mega league.

Indian Premier League has become a massive product due to the emotional attachment of fans. Every team has its own fan base along with every big player like Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and others. Rohit Sharma fans have been on the angrier side these days because of his removal from captaincy.

The recently appointed captain of Mumbai Indians Hardik Pandya has faced continuous jeering in every stadium they have visited this season. Additionally, clashes between supporters of Rohit Sharma and Pandya have been reported in several incidents. Making Hardik Pandya the new captain and Removing their beloved player Rohit didn’t sit well among fans.  

Rohit Sharma Fans Beat a CSK Fan to Death – Full Story

A 63-year-old man named Bandupant Tibile was assaulted and beaten to death by two Rohit Sharma fans after he celebrated Rohit getting out against Sunrisers Hyderabad. The incident occurred in Kolhapur village where these people were watching the match on television.

Screenshot of Rohit Sharma Fans Beat a CSK Fan to Death

According to the news, Bandupant Tibile faced physical assault when Balwant Jhanhge and Sagar Jhanjge struck him with sticks. This occurred after Tibile expressed his support by cheering when Mumbai Indians player Rohit Sharma was dismissed during a match against Hyderabad Sunrisers on Wednesday.

Bandupant Tibile got serious injuries to his head and was hospitalized after the incident. He couldn’t recover from the injuries and died on Saturday. The police have arrested Balwant Jhanhge and Sagar Jhanjge the fans who beat him with sticks.

The two fans who were blamed for beating the CSK fan also got badly hurt and had to go to the hospital for treatment. After the attack initiated by Balwant Jhanhge and Sagar Jhanjge on Bandupant Tibile, a fight broke down between the two groups which is why Rohit Sharma fans also got hurt.

When asked about the altercation an official from Karveer Police Station said, “Tibile died on Saturday in a hospital after which Balwant and Sagar were arrested”. 50-year-old Balwant Jhanhge and 35-year-old Sagar Jhanjge are in jail facing murder charges after Bandupant Tibile died.

Why Rohit Sharma Fans Are Angry with Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya moved from Gujarat Titans to Mumbai Indians during IPL 2024 auction. The transfer came as a surprise but the bigger surprise was the removal of Rohit Sharma from captaincy and appointing Hardik Pandya as captain.

Why Rohit Sharma Fans Are Angry with Hardik Pandya

Hardik has been facing criticism since his appointment but after the first two games of IPL 2024, Pandya is in hot waters and getting abused online. Also, the fans coming to watch the games in the stadium are booing the captain whenever he appears to bowl or bat.

Mumbai Indians have lost the first two games of the season and the captaincy of the Hardik has raised a lot of question marks. Sunrisers bash the bowling line of the MI in the 2nd match scoring a record-breaking 277 runs which is the highest total in the history of IPL.

When questioned about jeering and booing the MI captain responded by saying “I control the controllable, I don’t focus on which I can’t control and at the same point, we are grateful to the fans as a lot of love, fame, and name come from them. They have every right to express and we respect their opinion I am very excited and going to focus on it more”.

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