Royale High Winter 2023 Halo Answers – Glitterfrost Christmas Event Halo

If you are looking for the Royale High Winter 2023 Halo Answers, then you have come to the right spot. Winter has arrived and with it, the new event in Roblox Royale High has been introduced. The latest Glitterfrost Halo has been added to Royale High as part of the Christmas Event for the year 2023.

Royale High is a massively famous RPG experience on the Roblox platform developed by @callmehbob. The game is all about different stories and events made by the developer of the game and released from time to time. It was first released in April 2027 and since then it has been one of the most visited games on the platform with over 9.3 billion visits.

In this game, try to figure out the right answers to questions from the creator and storyteller. When you are correct, you earn points that help you progress in the game. The Glitterfrost Christmas event is the newly added winter event in this game.

What are Royale High Winter 2023 Halo Answers

In this guide, we will provide the Royale High Christmas 2023 answers for the new Glitterfrost Halo. Now you can go to the castle’s fountain and begin making wishes hoping to get your hands on this exceptionally rare headwear.

To acquire the Glitterfrost halo, you need to choose the most suitable answer from a randomly assigned story at the fountain situated in the center of Campus 3. Just go to the Fountain on the Main Campus and make a wish. After that, you will get a random question with four answer choices.

Screenshot of Royale High Winter 2023 Halo Answers

Considering your answer, the likelihood of winning the Winter 2023 Halo in Royale High is extremely low. If luck isn’t on your side, you might receive Diamonds or XP or nothing at all as an alternative outcome. There is also a possibility of losing Diamonds and XP.

Every day, you can visit the Glitterfrost Fountain and join a new story for a chance to win the Christmas Halo. Each time there is a special event for Halos in Royale High, it only lasts for a short while. For instance, the Winter Halo 2023 is available from November 30th of this year and it may remain open for two months.

Royale High Halo Answers – Winter 2023 Halo

We have provided the answers for the Royale High Halo 2023 Winter in the following list that can earn you a lot of points.

  • Glitterfrost events (Bluethemouse): Answer B
  • Choose a Cookie (ChantelDesire): Answer A & C
  • Glitterfrost Baking Competition (DiamondGoogles1): Answer C & D
  • Sculping competition (FashionistaQueen56):
  • Exploring (Gemstonewater): Answer A
  • Items Shop (GhostlyDamsel): Answer D
  • Snowstorm (TotallyNotSav): No Halo
  • Pick something Fun (Miss0pa07): Answer A
  • Ice Fairy (Misswillowpuff): No Halo
  • Fox and paths (Muffin_Wat & Honeydewis_back): Answer B & D
  • Glitterfrost Ball (P1nk_catt & tigersnow7):
  • Frozen wings (pastelMon_7 & xS0n1a): Answer A
  • Snowball Game (phoebephase): Answer A, C & D
  • Ice skating with friends (SlytherinQueen1116): Answer C
  • Choose a tree (StarliePuff): No Halo

How to Use Royale High Fountain Answers 2023 (Christmas Event)

To use the Royale High Christmas 2023 answer, you need to make a wish in the Fountains of Dreams in-game. In case you don’t know how to make a wish in the Fountain of Dreams, just follow the instructions given in the following steps.

  1. Launch Royale High Roblox on your device
  2. Then go to Royale High 3 on the map and follow the path down until you see the fountain
  3. Once you reach the fountain of dreams, click/tap on it to start making a wish
  4. After that your story will start and you will be prompted to decide how you want to move forward in it.
  5. Check our Winter Halo answer list to help yourselves

Note that you can make a wish every 2 hours, so you need to wait after making one. Remember to come back to the game and make a wish again once the time is up to increase your chances of getting the Halo.

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As promised, we have provided the Royale High Winter 2023 Halo Answers that you can use to get the best possible outcome in the stories part of this new event. Just follow the steps to make your Royale High winter fountain wish to give yourselves a chance to claim halo.

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