Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes April 2024 – Get Top Freebies

We will provide a collection of Treasure Hunt Simulator codes that are currently working and can get you some fantastic rewards. These active codes for Treasure Hunt Simulator Roblox will unlock crates, gems, rebirths, coins, and much more if you redeem them on time.

Treasure Hunt Simulator is the best Roblox experience if you looking to play a vintage riches-hunting game. It is created by @Henry Dev and was first released back in January 2018. It is one of the most loved games in its category and has over 646 million visits as of now.

In this compelling experience, you will explore the world to find treasures! When you discover treasure, trade extra sand and dirt for coins. Use these coins to make your tools better and get more space for storage. Then you can explore more of the world and find even more treasure.

Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes Wiki

If you are searching for the latest and functional codes for this particular Roblox experience, we have got you covered! All the information related to each code that works is given in this guide which includes the freebies you will be getting if you redeem them and the way to get redemptions in-game.

With the help of these codes, a player can become the best miner and treasure hunter as it can give you handy items usable while playing. Coins that can be used to upgrade your tools, rebirths that can give you a second chance to complete objectives, and other rewards can also be acquired.

A game’s redeem code is a specific mix of numbers and letters. Players can input this code into the game or its website to unlock special in-game items. It is created by the developer of the game and presented to the players through the social media platforms.

However, if you don’t follow these accounts, you can bookmark our webpage to stay up to date. We offer new codes for this Roblox game and others through the webpage. Just visit it whenever you are looking for freebies in your favorite Roblox experiences.

Roblox Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes 2024 April

Here is the complete collection of working codes for Treasure Hunt Simulator 2024 with information about the freebies.

Active Codes List

  • dino – 100 coins
  • Godly – five crates
  • freerubies – 500 gems
  • medieval – one crate and one rebirth
  • volcano – one rebirth and 1k gems
  • magma – ten crates
  • v2update – 500 coins
  • 400klikes – 500 gems
  • Finally – one rebirth and 100 gems
  • intel – 100 coins
  • Martian – one rebirth and 300 gems
  • 200million – two rebirths and 200 gems
  • Launch – 3k gems
  • jailcity – one rebirth and 1k gems
  • Moon – one rebirth and 500 gems
  • heart – one rebirth and 1k gems

Expired Codes List

  • Currently, there are no expired ones for this game

How to Redeem Codes in Treasure Hunt Simulator Roblox

How to Redeem Codes in Treasure Hunt Simulator Roblox

This is how you can unlock rewards through each code.

Step 1

Firstly, open the Treasure Hunt Simulator on your device.

Step 2

When the game boots up, click/tap the Twitter icon located at the side of the screen.

Step 3

Type a code into the suggested box or use the copy-paste command to put it in the textbox.  

Step 4

Lastly, click/tap the Redeem button to unlock the rewards on offer.

Remember his code has a set timeframe for use and once that time passes, it becomes invalid. Moreover, there is a limit to how many times it can be redeemed. It’s best to use it as soon as you can to ensure you get the most out of it.

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Unlock fantastic rewards with Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes 2024. Just redeem these codes to claim your freebies. Follow the method provided above to acquire the rewards associated with them. That’s all! If you have any other queries regarding the topic, share them using comments.

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