What Is Instagram Wrapped 2023 And How To Download The Viral Wrapped App

Instagram Wrapped app has captured the attention of users all over world as it follows the trend set by the Spotify Wrapped feature. It is not an official app from Instagram therefore there are some concerns about the application as well. Get to know what is Instagram Wrapped app in detail and learn how it works.

Instagram Wrapped is a third-party app not associated with the platform or its parent company, Meta. The applications have been downloaded by a huge number of people and is in the top charts of most downloaded apps on iOS store

It is different from Spotify Wrapped because Spotify added this feature to the official application. Although not integrated into the official Instagram platform, the Instagram Wrapped feature has been introduced through a third-party application called IGWrapped.

What is Instagram Wrapped 2023

Instagram Wrapped app iOS is already available to download on Apple Play Store. At the moment, it is not available for the Android devices. The app offers a summary of hours you spent on Instagram in 2023. The statistics involve your top online friends, the number of people who blocked you, and more. Those numbers aren’t very exact and the app doesn’t say how it’s figuring them out.

The most appealing feature of the app is that the details are turned into a reel which you can share with your buddies and followers on the platform. After scrolling the Instagram all year very much all the users are interested in knowing the statistics about the hours they spent on this social application.

Wrapped for Instagram claims to present an in-depth analysis of your Instagram and its usage. Wrapped claims it can show you things like how many people took screenshots of your posts, how many users have blocked you, and who you chatted with the most. Spotify Wrapped was first to provide such feature but the big difference is it is official service provided by Spotify developer.

How to Download Instagram Wrapped App 2023

As we previously told you, this app is only available for the iOS platforms and you can easily get it by heading over to Apple play store. Here are some steps that will guide you in downloading the Wrapped app for Instagram.

  • Open Play Store app on your device
  • Search Wrapped for Instagram and once the app appears on the screen, tap on it open
  • Now tap the download option to install the application on your device

How to Use Wrapped for Instagram App

How to Use Wrapped for Instagram App

Here is how a user can use the Instagram Wrapped application to get a summary of your account.

  • Launch Wrapped for Instagram app on your iOS device
  • Just follow the easy instructions on the screen to securely link your Instagram account to IGWrapped.
  • Once you link you account, IGWrapped will start creating a special report just for you gathering a whole year’s worth of stuff you did on Instagram.
  • After process is complete, you can easily check it out on the IGWrapped app. Then, you can choose to share the reel of this particular analysis on your Instagram for your friends and followers to see.

Is Instagram Wrapped App Download Safe?

This is the biggest concerns among the users of the particular applications and people who are interested in using it. When you open the Wrapped app for the first time, it requests you to link your Instagram account by entering your username and password. It means you are giving access to a third-party app to check your personal account which could be dangerous as well.

As per the developer of this Wrapped app it uses third party services that may collect information used to identify you. The official privacy policy stats “For a better experience, while using our Service, we may require you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information.”

Their policy also says that Wrapped tries its best to keep your personal information safe but it can’t promise it will be completely secure. So, it up to the users they want to compromise allowing the app to use their private data or not as the security is not completely guaranteed.

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Well, a lot of people wanted to know what is Instagram Wrapped 2023 and surely this post will provide all the information you need to know about this application. We explained how to use the app if you are ready to give access to your personal Instagram account. That’s all for now as we sign off.

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