Who is Justin Mohn of Pennsylvania The Man Who Killed His Father and Displayed Head in a Video on YouTube

In a shocking turn of events, Justin Mohn hailing from Pennsylvania was taken into custody by police for killing his father and displaying his head in a video on YouTube. The video has been removed now from YouTube and Justin has been charged with killing his father. Get to know who is Justin Mohn and learn why he killed his father.

According to the news, On Tuesday evening, at about 7 p.m. Mohn’s mom Denice called the police as she found her husband, Michael Mohn, with his head cut off in the bathroom on the first floor of their house in Levittown. Levittown is a suburb about 25 miles northeast of downtown Philadelphia.

The wife of the person who got killed told the police she had gone out of the house earlier that day. When she came back, she found her husband dead. Her son, Justin Mohn, had taken his dad’s car and left the place before she got back. Later, Justin Mohn was tracked down by Middletown Township police and taken into custody.

Who is Justin Mohn & Why He Killed His Father

Justin Mohn is a year 32-year-old resident of Pennsylvania who killed and beheaded his father Mike Mohn declaring him a traitor. Mike Mohan’s body was found in the first-floor bathroom of his house and his head was inside a plastic bag in a kitchen pot placed in a first-floor bedroom. Justin Mohan posted a video on YouTube claiming that he beheaded his father.

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He shared a 14-minute video in which he described the reasons behind killing his father. In the video, he said “This is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of over 20 years and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country.” The video was seen by over 5,000 people before YouTube removed it. They said it broke their rules about showing violent or graphic content.

The YouTube video was titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call To Arms For American Patriots” in which Justin is seen wearing gloves and holding his father’s head in a plastic bag. He calls him a traitor and wants all government people to die. He also criticizes President Joe Biden’s group, the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ people, and antifa activists.

Court records show that Justin Mohn had a hard time finding a steady job after finishing college at Pennsylvania State University in 2014. He studied agribusiness management but ended up moving back in with his parents.

He kept taking legal action against different entities of the federal government like the U.S. Education Department. He said they were the reason he was having money problems. He claimed they pushed him into getting student loans which he couldn’t pay back because he couldn’t find a job.

In 2020, Mohn filed a lawsuit against his previous employer, Progressive Insurance, claiming he was unfairly fired and experienced gender discrimination against men. He started working there as a customer service representative in October 2016 but got fired in August 2017 after he forcefully opened the facility’s doors.

Justin Mohan Taken into Custody for Suspected Beheading of Father and Posting Video Online

Justin Mohn faces charges of first-degree murder and abusing a corpse. He was caught armed and unlawfully entering a National Guard place around 100 miles away from where the crime happened. Police arrested him late Tuesday, a few hours after he killed his father.

Justin Mohan Taken into Custody for Suspected Beheading of Father and Posting Video Online

According to the police, when they reached Justin Mohn’s house in Middletown Township, they discovered Michael Mohn in a bathroom on the lower floor beheaded with a significant amount of blood surrounding him. Authorities discovered Michael Mohn’s head contained in a plastic bag inside a cooking pot in a bedroom adjacent to the bathroom.

In the bathtub, they found a machete and a big kitchen knife. He is facing charges of murder, abuse of a corpse, and more as per the latest reports. The motive for the killing and some of the comments made in the video are still under investigation.

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Well, who is Justin Mohn the guy beheaded his father Mike Mohan, and made a video sharing the reasons should not be an unknown thing anymore as we have presented all the details here. The shocking incident surprised everyone making them inquire about the murderer.

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