What is Party Challenge in Pokemon Go & How to Join Party Play Mode Explained

Interested in learning what is Party Challenge in Pokemon Go and how to use the feature? Well, you have come to the right to learn everything about the Pokemon Go Party Challenge. Party Play mode is a new feature that has come with the latest Pokemon Go update. The mode allows players to form a group and attempt different challenges together.

Pokemon Go stands out as a beloved addition to the extensive roster of games within the iconic Pokemon universe. Accessible on both iOS and Android platforms, it also extends its reach to popular gaming consoles like Nintendo and GBA. Developed by Niantic, the game regularly offers new updates through which new stuff is added to the game.

Utilizing mobile GPS technology, the game employs a real-world location experience for locating, capturing, training, and battling virtual creatures. Beyond that, players can immerse themselves in additional impressive features such as augmented reality and high-quality graphics.

What is Party Challenge in Pokemon Go

Party challenges are basically the activities you can do in the new Pokemon Go Party Play mode. You can choose from different Party Challenges, each showing a new way for you and your friends to explore your surroundings while you try to finish them. And when you finish a challenge, you get different rewards each time.

The new Party Play feature in Pokemon GO lets players team up to take on challenges together. It could change how people play the game, making them interact more in real life. Once they’re together, they can do raids or tackle challenges as a group.

Party Play permits a maximum of four Pokémon Go trainers to join forces and play together for a duration of one hour. The only limitation that you might not like is that a player must be at level 15 or above to be able to play this particular mode.

Also, this mode only works nearby. You can’t join from far away, so you need to be close to other trainers to play together. Apart from enjoying the exploration in-game, players can acquire many useful rewards by completing the party challenges available in the mode.

How to Do Party Challenges in Pokemon Go

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Doing party challenges or playing Party Play mode in Pokemon Go consists of two things. Firstly, players need to create the Party which can done in the following way. Just remember all the trainers which include the host and joining should be near to each other to be able to join party challenges.

  1. Open Pokemon Go on your device
  2. Then click/tap your Trainer Profile
  3. Now find the Party Tab and click/tap it to proceed further
  4. Next, choose the “Create” option to start making a new party
  5. Share the digital code or QR code from the game with your friends. They have 15 minutes to enter the code and join your party
  6. When all party members have joined successfully, their trainer avatars will show up on your screen, letting you know the party is ready to begin
  7. Then click/tap the start button to begin Party Play mode
  8. When you tap on it, a window will pop up showing a list of Party Challenges you can choose from. As the host, you get to decide which challenges the party will tackle together

Just Ensure that both you and your Party members remain close to each other in the real world. If a Trainer strays too far from the host, they’ll receive a warning message and may be ejected from the Party. If you want to end the Play Party as a host, just go to Trainer Profile again, click/tap the Party tab, and then click/tap the Leave Party button to end the party.

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Surely, you now know what is Party Challenge in Pokemon Go and how to join a Party in Pokemon Go as we have described the newly added mode in this guide. It has added an extra layer of excitement to the game allowing players to do a variety of challenges that can get them some amazing rewards.

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