Who Is Carly Burd The Gardener Feeding Poor Families With “A Meal On Me With Love” Project, Who Vandalized Her Project

Carly Burd is an inspirational woman who is doing a tremendous job feeding some poor families through her gardening project. But Carly Burd’s project has been vandalized with salt, killing most of the crops as she shared a heartbreaking video on TikTok explaining the current situation. Learn who is Carly Burd in detail along with her gardening project and all the latest on the pathetic act of vandalism.

Carly Burd shared a video on April 11th, showing that her garden was damaged with salt and most of the plants died. Many people watched the video, which got more than 1.6 million views, and they offered help to Carly.

Carly is absolutely heartbroken seeing the dead corps as she cried hard in the video she shared. She said, “All the hours, and hours, and hours of work that we’ve put in is now dead, and they’ve done it everywhere. How could you do that?”.

Who Is Carly Burd The TikToker Helping People With Garden Project

Carly Burd is a 43-year-old woman who lives in Harlow, Essex. In 2022, she started a charity called “A Meal On Me With Love” to help people who don’t earn much money or are retired and struggling to afford living expenses in her local area. She began growing vegetables in her garden in June last year and turned it into an allotment where she can grow even more food.

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Carly grows vegetables and gives them to people who need them as food parcels. She does this by getting donations from people who want to help. Lots of people found out about her project when she made a TikTok account in November 2022 and it became really popular. Everyone thinks what she’s doing is great and a good example of a community project.

TikTok made a big difference for more people got to know about her project and some of the viewers complimented her project by sending donations. She has fed more than 1600 people from her surroundings who are facing a cost of living crisis.

Burd has a GoFundMe page through which she receives donations and has raised over £18,000 already. On the page, she defined the way the project works. The description states “She grows fruits and vegetables without using chemicals and also gathers basic foods like grains, pasta, rice, and bread. These foods go into a box, which she gives to people in the community who are retired and receive a pension, people who are on a low income, or people who receive benefits. The box has enough food for everyone who lives in their house and needs it.

Who Vandalised Carly Burd’s Garden Project

The Carly Burd gardening project was vandalized using salt as she explained in the TikTok video. Crying her heart out she says “Someone’s jumped over in the night and put salt all over the land. That means everything I’ve planted won’t grow and I can’t replant on it because it won’t grow. All the hours and hours of work that we’ve put in are now dead.”

Who Vandalised Carly Burd’s Garden Project

She further told “The amount of work — I can’t even begin to tell you — that’s gone into that allotment, it’s unbelievable, the good part is that many people came forward and offered help to restore her land. Many people even offered her donations. It is not known yet who vandalized her garden, and what exactly was the reason behind such a brutal act”.

Her spirits are still on high as she sends a message to all those who are against this initiative by saying “You won’t stop me because I’ll just pick it all up and I will carry on.” She also thanked all the donors who raised nearly £65,000 ($81,172.85) and told the goal was to raise £4,000 ($4995.25).

If anyone of the readers wants to support the “A Meal On Me With Love” project initiated by Carly Burd and are interested in helping her get back up then you can visit her GoFundMe page to send your donations.

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Now that you know who Is Carly Burd and her garden project that took a massive hit recently, we conclude this post. The TikToker Carly Burd has set a great example for others to follow and need some support to get back to supporting poor families.

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