Who is Gail Lewis? Know All About The Woman Went Viral For Quitting Job at Walmart

Gail Lewis has become a viral sensation on social media, especially on TikTok where her farewell video in which she quits her job at Walmart has racked up millions of views. Gail worked at Walmart in Morris, Illinois for ten years and now said goodbye to the job in a unique way that has gone viral. Get to know who is Gail Lewis in detail and learn all about the famous farewell video.

The video she posted on TikTok saying goodbye to Walmart has racked up over 25 million views and it still counting. Her emotional speech in the video caught the attention of the public who shared the content further on social platforms and started making background stories.

She used a walkie-talkie saying, “Attention Walmart, this is Gail Lewis, 10-year associate Morris, Illinois 8-4-4, signing out, good night.” She continued, “So today was the end of an era for me, what you just saw was me signing out for the last time at my Walmart that I have worked at for 10 years”.

Who is Gail Lewis the Viral Walmart Employee

Gail Lewis an employee of Walmart recently quit the job in a unique fashion. She is getting a lot of attention on social media because many people are saying she’s the best employee Walmart has ever had. A video on TikTok showing Gail Lewis announcing her retirement with emotions after working for ten years at the Walmart in Morris, Illinois, became really famous.

Screenshot of Who is Gail Lewis

The video made a lot of people on social media say nice things and thank Gail for her hard work and dedication. Many people said they would miss Gail in the comments and the video also became a funny meme. Some mixed her video with theirs, doing salutes or pretending to cry, making the goodbye moment humorous.

One guy shared the viral farewell video and said “Gail Lewis is a national treasure. Thank you for your service and contributions”. Another user wrote, “I once skipped 3 days of school to travel from Mozambique to America to see Gail Lewis Work in Walmart”.

As per the New York Post, the manager of the Morris store, Carrie Moses also thanked the employee and said through Walmart’s corporate channel, “I’m thankful for Gail’s work at the Morris, IL store, and we’ll really miss her. I hope she does great in whatever comes next for her.”

Gail Lewis Viral TikTok Video Saying Goodbye to Walmart

Gail has successfully captured the attention of everyone with her specific way of saying goodbye to a job where she worked for a decade. She expressed her feelings wholeheartedly in the video referring to it as an ‘end of an era’. The video has already received over 3.2 million likes in just a few days.

She expressed her feelings saying, “It’s a happy sad because I’m gonna be going to a better job and those people became like family. I’ve been through a lot with them. They watched my back, I watched theirs. They helped me out, I helped them out.”

She continued “We even went through a f**ing pandemic together,” she said regarding her co-workers. “It just hurts but it’s a happy sad because where I’m going, I’m gonna be better off where I’m at, that’s all.” Lewis mentioned she got a new job and it is better than what she did previously. However, she can’t say where it is because too many people are paying attention to her due to the viral video.

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Who is Gail Lewis the Walmart employee viral currently for her emotional video saying goodbye to the job should not be an unknown personality because we have provided all the available info regarding this social media sensation. She has left the Walmart job for a better one but hasn’t revealed where she works.

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