Who is Inquisitor Ghost The Italian TikTok Star Famous For Cosplay, Cause of Death, Latest News

Inquisitor Ghost death video during a TikTok livestream has sent shockwaves across the social media platform. The well-known Italian TikTok star took his life after going live on TikTok making everyone inquire about his suicide death. Learn who is Inquisitor Ghost in detail and the full story behind his tragic death.

On October 9, 2023, the Italian social influencer Inquisitor Ghost went live on TikTok, and during the livestream, he took his own life. The video then went viral on social media and later was removed from the platform. The incident shocked his followers and everyone who knew the guy.

According to the reports, in the stream, the watchers could see someone trying to escape through a window in a dark room. Then, there was some noise, and they could see a person doing chest compressions on someone who couldn’t be seen clearly. Inquisitor Ghost’s death news then became a talking point across social media platforms.

Who is Inquisitor Ghost

The Italian TikTok star Inquisitor Ghost was known for the captivating portrayal of Simon “Ghost” Riley from the Call of Duty franchise. He had more than 100,000 people following him on the TikTok app. Inquisitor Ghost or Inquisitore3 often posted videos of himself dancing and joining in on popular trends and attractive photos to get views.

Screenshot of Who is Inquisitor Ghost

In everything he made on the platform, he stayed hidden behind his Ghost costume, making an interesting online character that kept his viewers interested and curious. He was successful in getting the attention of the users on the platform and got thousands of views on his videos.

Inquisitor horrified his followers on 9 October by livestreaming his own death. He hanged him just out of sight of the audience after which the noise of something broken was heard by the audience. Then, it appeared as if someone was performing CPR after which crying sounds were heard.

Videos posted by people who said they knew what was happening in the days after, said that the help came too late and that the young internet star who was 23 years old had passed away. The Inquisitor Ghost hanging video was removed later along with his account which is not available now.

What Happened with Inquisitor Ghost?

Inquisitor Ghost death has raised a lot of questions about mental health. He was having a hard time in the last few months after being involved in inappropriate grooming controversy. In September, troubling claims came up accusing Inquisitor of being involved in inappropriate actions with a teenager.

What Happened with Inquisitor Ghost

Online, screenshots were shared as proof. In a few of them, Ghost was seen saying, “I love you” and “I want to marry you.” After these claims, things got even scarier. More messages appeared, suggesting that the editor and her boyfriend were planning to make flirty messages with Inquisitor to ruin his reputation. This caused both Inquisitor and his editor to be targeted with online bullying.

The TikToker hasn’t shared a video or anything since September when the accusations were made until the 9th of October 2023. Inquisitor Ghost live death video literally shocked his fans who are still in disbelief he has left the world that way.

A TikTok user called hellomrfranco shared a video after the event unfolded and demanded accountability. In the video, he talks about the treatment Inquisitor was receiving, he says “one of the most evil things I could think of to do to someone”. It will take time for the Inquisitor fans to get over this incident and how he died.

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So, who is Inquisitor Ghost the Italian cosplay influencer should not be a mystery anymore as we have provided all the details on this page. Inquisitor death is shocking news for his fans and the way he took his own life is a concerning thing for everyone.

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