Who Is Johnny Somali The Kick Streamer Harassing People in Bali Japan

Johnny Somali Kick streaming account has been banned for harassing and racially abusing people in his videos. A recent incident happened in Japan when the Kick streamer harassed a well-known Twitch streamer Meowko while the live stream was ongoing. Get to know who is Johnny Somali and the full story behind his ban.

You may have come across many streamers who try to do controversial stuff to get the attention of the viewers and Johnny Somali is one of those. He is already permanently banned from Twitch and after the latest incident, he got banned on Kick as well.

Recently, he traveled to Japan where he was seen harassing locals on public transportation and abusing them in the videos he shared. In one of the new streams, he is verbally abusing people on the streets, and a random person tries to punch him knocking his camera to the ground.

Who is Johnny Somali

Johnny Somali confronted in one of the new videos has gone viral on social media along with his verbal argument with Twitch streamer Meowko. Johnny Somali is a self-proclaimed ex-child soldier and former Somalian pirate who shares his live video broadcasts on the platform Kick. He is from America infamous for travel-related videos and streams.

Screenshot of Who Is Johnny Somali

What makes Johnny Somali different is that he often gets into arguments with people in the countries he visits while doing his live videos. He has over 6000 followers on the streaming platform Kick. He used to be on Twitch as well but got permanently banned by the platform due to his controversial content.

When Johnny Somali was in Japan from May to June, he became infamous for making disputable live videos. In these videos, he bothered Japanese people and passed bad comments, especially while they were on public transportation.

In a recent live video, some people talked to Johnny about the problems he caused in Japan and seemed very angry. But Johnny was not bothered about it and still was making fun of them. When things got intense, one person threatened Johnny and then hit him on the side of his head. The incident was captured live.

He tends to adopt a stereotypical Japanese accent and make insensitive jokes about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Even though these things happened, Johnny Somali was still able to use his Kick account and keep making live videos. But now he has been banned temporarily for the recent incident and his actions after bumping into Twitch streamer Meowko.

What Happened to Meowko As She Demands Ban on Johnny Somali

On September 10th, the well-known Twitch streamer Meowko was doing a live broadcast when Johnny Somali showed up on camera. He started trash-talking and making harsh statements. He begins talking about how he is the most popular personality in Japan.

What Happened to Meowko As She Demands Ban on Johnny Somali

He was caught saying “I’m on Kick. We don’t like Twitch streamers.” When Meowko started walking off ignoring his trash talk he said “Bye-bye. Get banned b*tch. Get banned! You better not show me on your stream, you’ll get banned.” He is banned for a lifetime on Twitch.

Meowko started crying while walking off and a taxi driver offered her a ride home. Talking to her fans on the stream she said “I cried because the taxi driver on the way home was such a nice guy. I hope this person leaves Japan soon. I felt helpless because I couldn’t do anything even though I was right in front of my eyes.”

She further added, “Seriously though I have no idea how those kinds of creators still have place to say something on the internet like this”. Commenting on getting banned for showing Johnny Somali on Twitch she said “I was able to avoid the ban because I responded quickly with the Twitch staff”. Everyone in Japan seems to be sick of the Kick streamer Johnny Somali and for his pathetic behavior, Kick has also banned him temporarily from the platform.

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Who is Johnny Somali the infamous Kick streamer should not be a mystery anymore as we have presented all the details about him and his recent incidents. Why Johnny Somali is harassing people in Japan is a thing that only the streamer himself knows.

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