Who is Jordan Haber The TikTok Star Included in 2023 NBA Draft Without Playing Experience

Learn who is Jordan Haber the TikToker who became eligible for the 2023 NBA draft without any experience of playing high school or college basketball. This inclusion of Jordan Haber as a member of the 2023 NBA draft class came as a huge surprise because the TikTok star only played youth league basketball in his life.

Haber sent an email to the NBA, telling them that he met the requirements to be able to participate in the draft. After that, he completed the necessary forms and later got a confirmation from the league that he can take part in the draft.

He is going to the draft event on Thursday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. He will also be recording and sharing his experience of the trip to New York for the Draft on his YouTube channel. Many professional players fail to achieve what Jordan Haber has achieved without any experience playing the sport.

Who is Jordan Haber

Jorden Haber NBA Draft member is a TikTok star who recently got graduated from the University of Florida. He is a law graduate and has never played basketball at High School or college level. Jorden is 21 years old lifelong Miami Heat fan. On TikTok, his username is @haberjordan and mostly shares his views on different events happening in the world including NBA.

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His dream of being part of the NBA draft came true when he was declared eligible 2023 NBA draft just some days before the event. Nobody expected that a TikToker would surpass even the projected No. 1 pick, Victor Wembanyama. However, Jordan Haber had different intentions and surprised everyone.

He has over 106k followers on TikTok and 6.9 million likes on his videos. The TikTok video where he shared his amazing inclusion in the NBA draft 2023 has been viewed by 3.1 million people. A lot of them congratulated him for this incredible achievement.

How Did Jordan Haber Become Eligible for the 2023 NBA Draft

Unlike basketball stars like Victor Wembanyama or Scoot Henderson, Jordan Haber isn’t a basketball player. He managed to enter the 2023 NBA Draft class due to a loophole in the requirements, rather than his basketball abilities. Jorden Haber, who is part of the 2023 NBA Draft class has never played organized basketball at any level, including college, high school, or middle school.


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He announced the news of being included in the drafts via a TikTok video in which we said “I am now Jordan Haber, member of the 2023 NBA draft class, uh, soon to be undrafted class”. This is something unbelievable for the TikToker and law graduate.

He is overwhelmed with the opportunity to go to the Draft event happening Barclays Center in Brooklyn. He described getting his inclusion in NBA drafts as “Let me put it like this, to put this all into context. It has been easier to get into and go to the NBA draft than get Taylor Swift tickets. Like, seriously, I can’t get tickets anywhere.”

He further explained his feeling in the video which reads “I’m just happy everyone has enjoyed this joke on TikTok. People are having a lot of fun with it and are really rooting for me. It shows there is a good side to social media. It goes to show if you have a dream there’s probably some way you can achieve it. Even if you have to be a little creative and think outside the box.”   

He continued by saying “Everyone who tried this before had failed. They became NBA free agents not able to live the childhood dream. But I had a gut feeling I could find a way around this. I set out to do the impossible”.

Explaining what he will do on the draft night he told ABC News, “think when I walk into the Barclay Center, I will get pretty emotional just because of how far this has come. It’s what you dream of as a kid, like that small chance you get drafted … I want to show people you can do anything if you just set your mind to it”.

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Well, surely you now know who is Jordan Haber and how he makes it to the 2023 NBA Draft without any playing experience. Everyone is surprised by his inclusion even Jordan himself who now wishes to get picked by any team for marketing purposes.

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